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icon - marvel comics (thumbnail).JPGTHE CLONE CONSPIRACY #1 Pits the Amazing Spider-Man Against His Greatest Foes!

Dan Slott & Jim Cheung Unite for Epic Spider-Man Event This Fall!

The world’s greatest super hero faces his biggest challenge yet this October! Amidst a gauntlet of his deadliest rogues, an old foe returns to the fore. Loved ones lost are dead no more as Peter Parker plunges headlong into THE CLONE CONSPIRACY – a blockbuster 5-issue event series from A-List creators Dan Slott and Jim Cheung!

image - Marvel Comics (The Clone Conspiracy #1, cover Jim Cheung)

Prepare yourself for THE Spidey story of 2016 as the writer who brought you SPIDER-VERSE, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN and SPIDER-ISLAND brings you the next defining chapter in the wallcrawler’s life! The identity of the man in the red suit has been revealed. The Jackal has returned, more driven and determined than ever. He’s offered Spidey’s greatest rogues a chance to reunite with their loved ones in exchange for loyalty. But to what end? With the Rhino, the Lizard, Electro and even Doctor Octopus at his side, things are looking bleak. But who else from Spider-Man’s past has reappeared?!

The mystery is just getting started. Can the Amazing Spider-Man stand against the Jackal and a who’s who of his greatest villains? Be there as this blockbuster Spider-Man event kicks off this October in the explosive first issue – THE CLONE CONSPIRACY #1!

Plus – read an exciting prologue to The Clone Conspiracy from this year’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 by Dan Slott & Javier Garron, available now in the Marvel Comics app and Marvel Digital Comics Store.


Written by DAN SLOTT
On Sale in October!

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