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We’ve already had one of these short promo videos for the upcoming DC Rebirth / WATCHMEN saga, DOOMSDAY CLOCK, that DC Comics is barreling headlong towards – now, in the latest trailer from the company, series writer / DC President / CCO / Grand Pumbaa Geoff Johns talks to the panels that have been revealed and what they mean to the current heroes of the Rebirth.

“Gary Frank is the only one that could draw this book,” says Johns in the new promo. “Everything that Gary’s drawn, apart from a handful of things since 2005, I’ve written”, speaking to the phenomenal success of books like BATMAN: EARTH ONE and SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN. The panels that the pair have unveiled definitely speak to a rich tapestry that, regardless of the pedestal many readers (quite rightfully) put the Moore / Gibbons / Higgins 1987 classic on, will bring the earth-breaking potential of the WATCHMEN characters bang up to date.

“I want people to read it and walk away from the book with nothing less than, “I haven’t read something like this in a long, long time”, or “ever”, or “It’s so unlike anything I’m reading right now in comic books.” Ooh, them be bold words, Mr. Johns. Here’s fingers crossed that, with a certain blue-skinned omnipresent cosmic nudist, you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew.

Fans can find out more this Friday, in person at New York Comic Con (Friday 6th October, 6pm, on the Main Stage) or via the panel livestream which you will be able to find on the DC Comics Facebook page. We’ll do our best to link to it here, or embed it somehow, because you know how hard it is to find something like this online in the UK, especially when Facebook automatically points you to the UK version of their page and the Brit intern on duty keeps forgetting that they really should put down the pint in the pub at Midnight and refresh what their parent company is up to… Watch this space.

EDIT: the good news is, ReedPOP are live-streaming the panel room, as is DC, so you can watch it here from 11pm GMT (6pm ET):

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