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‘Tis the season’ and all that pish and bibble, as we gear up for the Christmas period with all the usual trimmings, including plenty of nerdy gifts and treats. As it happens, Funko fans have already planned ahead for their goodies to drop through their letterbox to place under their respective trees, as the latest edition of their Disney Treasures boxes start rolling out to subscribers in the next week or so. We’ve been provided a box to take a look at so, without any further to-do, let’s dive in – but not before we warn off anybody not wanting to be spoiled about its contents.


Are we good? Are you sure?


Good. Let’s crack on, then.

This is the fifth of the Disney Treasures Boxes, following some brilliant editions so far – last months saw an incredible super-sized Maleficent figure which will remain hard to top for any of the subscription boxes that Funko produces. This latest edition comes in a compact and bijou package, which I feel is perfect for tiny youngster hands: the target audience for these boxes, perhaps?

As we’ve seen in previous boxes and to be expected, we are greeted by the presentation of the STITCHED PATCH, featuring Scrooge McDuck (as appearing in the leading role in DISNEY’S A CHRISTMAS CAROL, I’m reliably informed) atop a sprig of holly – the sixth box should contain a central patch, completing the circular pattern of these patches – and also the CERAMIC METAL PIN which is the first appearance in the box of FROZEN‘s Olaf. It’s a Christmas-themed Disney box, were you expecting anything else?

Opening up the flap, and discarding the TREASURE MAP / DESCRIPTION LEAFLET (which teases us about the sixth box, due next year: ‘Never Ever Tower’), we get a first for Funko: a FROZEN OLAF COOKIE CUTTER – should be fun for kitchens at Christmas. I’m not entirely sure how this is going to be received by Funko fans (who can be rather judgemental at change at the best of times) but I can picture families, getting the icing out and decorating their own Olaf cookies. I think it’s cute… as are the next item.

If you’re a fan of Tim Burton‘s stop motion animated classic, and you’re not sure you’re getting the classic Christmas accompaniment in your stockings, Funko have provided some very cheesy THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS SOCKS! Yup, you heard that right. They’re nicely stitched and pretty cool – featuring a snowman-version of Jack Skellington – although they’re not overly thick for the winter. Just an interesting addition to the box content.

And there’s another new item to add to the roster as we dive deeper, and another fitting piece for the cold winter months: a MICKEY & MINNIE-BRANDED THERMOS FLASK – ideal to pour that hot cocoa as the temperature drops. It’s a cute design on the flask and an high-quality item that you could even expect to find on the shelves of Disney Stores. (You won’t, of course – all these items are exclusive to the box.)

The next item is one of my personal favourite additions to these Disney Treasure Boxes, the MYSTERY MINI TINS. The artwork is always fantastic and the quality of the vinyl figure inside is always top-notch. In this addition, keeping with the festive theme, we have a BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Belle figure, dressed from the scene where Belle and the Beast have a snowball fight during the blossoming romance. It’s a cracking figure, full of charm in the sculpt and wonderfully painted. Wonderful.

Which leaves just the one last piece in the box, and the one that the Funko fans come to the party for: a FUNKO POP! VINYL FIGURE, which is like the others we’ve seen in the Disney Treasure boxes so far – a nicely minimally designed figure, perfect for the younger collector. This POP! is of Bambi, skittering across the ice (done here as a clear plastic base), and it’s a very cute sculpt. While the paintwork is a little hit and miss in places on the review copy I received, on the whole, it’s a lovely design with a great fade on the ‘fur’ and a cracking expression on Bambi’s face, especially around the eyes.

And that’s the box, everybody: some new additions, which I’m very curious to see how they’ll be embraced by subscribers, and some tasty items to add to the collections. Unfortunately, this Snowflake Mountain box is no longer available on the site (keep your eyes open at conventions in the US where Funko are exhibiting, you never know what stock they bring to the floor) but you can find out more about future Disney subscription boxes by heading to https://disneytreasures.funko.com/ – you can subscribe at $30 per box and I’m certain the series will continue beyond the six and final box in this first run. I, for one, am looking forward to it.

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