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I am now just starting to get back to normal after the event that is San Diego Comic-Con. It’s craz-mazing with its crowds, swag, events, parties, movies, TV shows, comics (of course), and the dream child….merchandise and collectibles.

Not to be outdone this year, Diamond Select Toys is a booth that I always stop by, I have almost the full set of the animated Batman series, and obviously collect others. They manage to have quality figures for display that don’t make me flinch at the price.

I’ll be honest, when I heard they were doing White Phoenix Jean Grey as part of their Marvel Comics Gallery PVC Diorama line this year, I thought “Great, they’re just going to use the same mold but with different colors”. I collect almost all things Phoenix, so that wouldn’t stop me, but I shrugged my shoulders. Here’s where I was partially right, but mostly wrong. The figure is FABULOUS, stunning detail, with soft eyes (hard to do when they’re solid white) and a soft smile. The hair, which is the same mold, has such a different texture with the paint and PVC used. Dark Phoenix was fiery red, to give that impression of being lit up with flames, whereas White Phoenix has the tell tale natural red hair look with detail.

When you compare the two side by side, you also notice the reaching hand is open, and not curled like Dark Phoenix, which makes her look like the figure of good she is. The fire phoenix at her feet is smooth, and not jagged and the over all effect is amazing. I am so excited to have these two side by side in my display cabinet, because they definitely show both side of the spectrum, honestly, they could even possibly be sold as a set.

The price is totally worth it, at $45, which is the price of 3 Funko Pop! figures and those suckers have no detail in their faces, or poses. The only downside is that mine was slightly, barely flawed (insert sad face), nothing major and it definitely doesn’t make me love it any less and I had to search for that flaw. As an obsessive, collecting nerd, it’s just in our nature to scan our eyes over times looking for marks or chips.

I am hoping they will do Phoenix in her green costume next year for the exclusive, so that I can have a perfect Phoenix set.

I can dream, right? I may just need to hunt down the DC Premier Collection Batman The Animated Series Catwoman Gem Edition Statue SDCC exclusive they had this year, it was beautiful!

Review and side by side pictures of White Phoenix and Dark Phoenix by Sarah Conaway (definiteawkward on Twitter). All other pictures courtesy Diamond Select Toys.

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