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Diamond Select Toys today announced that the next series in their Ghostbusters Select Toys’ Select action figures will be released in late 2018.  The 9th series will be based on the 1980s REAL GHOSTBUSTERS animated series, and will feature Egon, Winston, and Slimer and will be available for pre-order on June 20th.


The 8th series will be shipping soon and it will continue the GHOSTBUSTERS 2 firehouse series (that began with series’ 6 and 7).

Also announced recently was the 10th series which will complete the firehouse set. The 10th series will feature Peter, Ray, and as well as the first ever fully articulated Mr. Stay-Puft from DST.

More information as well as pictures from the series’ is below courtesy of their press release.

Real Ghostbusters Select Action Figures Coming to Stores in Late 2018!

Fans have delighted to Diamond Select Toys’ Select action figures based on the first and second Ghostbusters movies, with buildable dioramas of the Spook Central rooftop and the Firehouse façade. Now, it’s time to get real! The highly anticipated Real Ghostbusters action figures go up for pre-order on June 20th, and we’ve got the first official pics of the figures based on the hit 1980s cartoon series!

Egon, Winston and Slimer make up the Series 9 assortment, with the two ’Busters wearing their color-coded jumpsuits and packing all-new, cartoon-accurate gear, and Slimer coming with a support stand and three interchangeable faces! Designed by Yuri Tming, and sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, each figure packs approximately 16 points of articulation, and Slimer features all-new arm sculpts to better match his animated look.

Plus, each figure includes pieces to build the firehouse diorama – collect all 15 figures in Series 6 through 10 to construct the sign and front doors of the Ghostbusters headquarters! The firehouse features interchangeable parts, including the sign and the “Hook & Ladder” lettering, so it can be converted from Ghostbusters to Ghostbusters 2 configuration.


Series 10 will feature Peter, Ray, and DST’s first ever fully articulated Mr. Stay-Puft! That series will complete the firehouse, so be sure to pick up Series 6 and 7 now, as well as the imminently shipping Series 8, all based on Ghostbusters 2.

Find a comic shop at comicshoplocator.com, or order through your favorite online retailer!

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