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We do like shining a light on creative endeavours, especially when they look like a bunch of fun – one such effort is DEMI-GOD, the creator-owned brainchild of a superstar team, consisting of writer Ron Marz, artist Andy Smith, colourist Michael Atiyah, letterer Steve Dutro, creator Bart Sears and publisher Sean Husvar, who collectively form Ominous Press.

DEMI-GOD is the story of a egotistical hero – the creators are pitching him as ‘one-part-Thor, one-part-Deadpool’ but I’m definitely getting a ‘Guy Gardner Green Lantern / Tick’ vibe from the dialogue I’ve read – who kicks arse, grins to the camera and gets off on looking damn good while doing it. Born from a ‘typical slacker’ (excuse me while I avoid all the mirrors in the room), he has been transformed into this mountain of a man – but how, might you ask? Well, the good news is, there’s a Kickstarter currently running which will answer that question with the origin of the story, as well as Demi-God’s first adventures.

Cover Art for Demi-God:My Kick-Ass Graphic Novel

This is a project that has been in the works for a number of years now and close to the heart of the creative team involved. Artist Andy Smith says, “[This is] a very personal Kickstarter [for me]. I’m so proud of the work that I, along with Ron Marz and Mike Atiyeh, have put into this book.”

The Kickstarter does have some very cool stretch incentives, too, to coax that hard-earned cash from you – from hardcover pressings, to variant dustjackets (including one from good friend of AEISD, Ian Churchill), to original art and sketches from the likes of Andy Smith himself, to Jeff Johnson and Darryl Banks. Very tasty indeed.

Fanfrickintastic Andy Smith art!

Check out the Kickstarter today – while the original target has been met from some every enthusiastic backers, stretch goals are still available and well worth checking out. Just tell them we said hi.


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