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A few days ago I was given the chance to see CHRISTOPHER ROBIN and since I was a fan of the animated shorts and cartoons , I had to go see how Disney was going to handle a grown-up version of the title character.

Well, Disney and Director Marc Forster (who directed the multi Oscar nominated film FINDING NEVERLAND) did a terrific job of it. The movie stars EWAN MCGREGOR as the title character, with HAYLEY ATWELL playing his wife. The main cast is rounded out with fellow UK natives BRONTE CARMICHAEL as their daughter, and MARK GATISS in the role of Christopher Robin’s boss. The voice cast is as terrific as the live action cast with veteran voice actor Jim Cummings once again handling the voices of both Winnie the Pooh and Tigger (which I’m glad Disney chose to do the voices for), Brad Garrett as EeyoreTOBY JONES as Owl, NICK MOHAMMED as Piglet, PETER CAPALDI as Rabbit, and SOPHIE OKONEDO as Kanga, and Sara Sheen as Roo.

The movie starts off with the residents of The Hundred Acre Wood throwing a going away party for a young Christopher Robin, before cutting to the grown up version of him who has lost his sense of imagination. The movie starts off slow, but when he is reunited with Winnie the Pooh it picks up and doesn’t stop until the end credits roll.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie but would have liked to see more of Owl, Kanga, and Roo in movie since they were relegated to small roles in the movie. Their roles are understandable though as the primary focus of the movie was Christopher Robin returning to The Hundred Acre Wood. My favorite parts though had to be seeing the residents of the wood back on the big screen…and Tigger singing his THE WONDERFUL THING ABOUT TIGGERS song (which I may or may not have been singing along to in my head…)

I give the movie 7.5/10 for the reasons I stated above.


Pictures courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.



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