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Today Capcom (via their blog) released another gameplay trailer for their upcoming game MARVEL VS. CAPCOM: INFINITE.   This trailer showcases the new characters (JedahDormammuFirebrand, and Ghost Rider) which were announced a few days ago here. In addition they also released a few screen captures from the game, along with character info, and a bit of info on the Soul Stone which will be part of this game.

Firebrand is a type of gargoyle known as a Red Arremer. He will stand up to any threat posed to his home, the Demon Village, without a trace of fear. In combat he is an extremely agile character who is strongest from the air. From his ability to change directions mid-flight, blasting the opponent with flames from various angles or swooping down from hard to counter angles, Firebrand’s unconventional offense make him an ideal choice for those looking for character complexity.

Jedah is the head of house Dohma in the Makai Kingdom, now part of the Dark Kingdom. He believes his homeland is on a path to self-destruction and views himself as its savior and is an offensive powerhouse who can easily take out whole teams all on his own. His Spirale Divina projectile keeps the opponent in place, allowing Jedah the opportunity to attack with constant high/low mix-ups. Once he lands a hit, his damage output can result in a quick knockout.

Dormammu, a demonic being of immense power, is the ruler of the Dark Dimension. The Dark Dimension merged with the Makai Kingdom to become the Dark Kingdom. He is an extremely versatile character who can fight opponents from anywhere on the screen. Whether it’s using his multitude of spells, long range projectiles or ability to teleport to the opponent at will, Dormammu’s vast array of options will leave the opponent guessing what’s next.

Ghost Rider AKA “Johnny Blaze” made a deal with the devil; now he is cursed to wander the earth as Ghost Rider, carving a path on his hellish motorcycle. In combat he uses his hellfire chain to both keep the opponent at bay and do damage from afar. That may be his ideal range, but when up close, he uses his various Hell Fire and Seventh Circle Whip attacks to deal damage.

The Soul Stone also makes its way into Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Using the Stone’s Infinity Surge sends out a long beam of energy that drains life from your opponent. This beam covers a large amount of the screen and gives you a safe way to tag in your partner. Activating the Infinity Storm brings your KO’d partner back to life and lets them fight with you mimicking your controller motions for a brief time. This opens up plenty of combo potential along with giving your partner a second chance.

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