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Zodiac Interactive and Spotlightor Interactive’s new 3D game CANDLEMAN: THE COMPLETE JOURNEY is set for release on January 31st for Windows PCs (via Steam). The game was first released for Xbox One last year, and this new release will include the LOST LIGHT DLC, enhanced performance, 4K resolution support, and more.

More information along with trailer and artwork is courtesy of their press release.


Candleman: The Complete Journeythe 3D platformer published by Zodiac Interactive and developed by Spotlightor Interactive, will arrive on Windows PC via Steam on Jan. 31 for $14.99. This new edition of the game, which first launched to critical praise on Xbox One in 2017, includes the previously released “Lost Light” DLC, a new time challenge mode, enhanced performance and framerate optimizations, and 4K resolution support.

“The game’s positive reception from press and players overwhelmed us for the whole year after its debut on Xbox One,” said Gao Ming, creator of Candleman. “We are extremely proud to see the game we created at Ludum Dare 27 be recognized by so many, and we’re incredibly excited to bring this journey to PC players later this month.”

Candleman: The Complete Journey is a stunning fairytale adventure featuring challenging platforming gameplay that cleverly blends light and shadow. As a little candle who can burn for only 10 seconds, players must venture through unsettling darkness and overcome a wide range of enchanted yet dangerous environments in search of a mysterious light in the distance.

For more information, visit the game’s Steam page, and follow the game on Facebook and @CandlemanGame on Twitter.

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