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Over the past few months, as part of our coverage of a number of conventions (such as Silicon Valley Comic Con and WonderCon Anaheim), we have been lucky enough to have had the chance to participate in the promotion for the upcoming film BAD SAMARITAN, starring DAVID TENNANT as Cale, a privileged and preening socialite with the darkest of secrets and ROBERT SHEENAN as the young restaurant valet who, through the act stealing from Cale, finds himself on a collision course of sheer will and violence.

Directed by Dean Devlin and written by Brandon Boyce, we have been most intrigued by the funding and distribution of the film, based on the innovative model put forward by Legion M, a crowd-sourced collective in which the investors into the pot are all, effectively, the eventual producers of the final product and can claim ownership for the films creation – it’s an exciting business model, allowing for films, TV series, comic books and all kinds of content to exist outside of the conventional Hollywood distribution model. A ‘brave new world’, indeed.

AESID Correspondent Dan Berry has been our man on the ground at these events and, as a consequence of that coverage, was invited along to the London West Hollywood Hotel at Beverly Hills to take part in a press conference for BAD SAMARITAN with Devlin, Boyce, Tennant and Sheehan in attendance. Dan recorded the session, along with taking a couple of cracking shots for posterity – enjoy!

BAD SAMARITAN: Press Conference, Los Angeles 28th April 2018

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