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AEISD Contributor Dan Berry really put himself a bit over the course of last weekend – he found himself in sorts of random corners of the Anaheim Convention Centre for the epic CCI sister event, WONDERCON ANAHEIM, returning to the location after a one-year sojourn to Los Angeles last year.

We’ve already posted his photo gallery of his first day at the convention (and we’ve also uploaded a whole bunch of videos he recorded as part of the behind-the-curtain press access) but, as his wondering eye jumped from pillar-to-post, we felt it best to present the rest of his photos of the weekend in one big MEGA PHOTO GALLERY! We’ve also picked out a couple of highlights to throw in every so often, just so you can see the breadth of attraction that was on offer at WonderCon – amazing!

If you spot yourself in any of the pics, do comment below and let us know where you can be seen; we’ll make sure that your efforts are credited. We’ve also got something extra special to share at the bottom of the gallery, too – scroll down to check it out…

Dan was also joined by fellow press attendee Sarah Conaway, who has graciously allowed us to share her pics of the roundtables for MIDNIGHT, TEXAS and LUCIFER… Thanks, Sarah!

All photos in this gallery: (c) Sarah Conaway, presented with kind permission

image credit: Sarah Conaway

image credit: Sarah Conaway

Thanks, Sarah – these shots are amazing!

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