Home Con News WCA 2017: WonderCon Anaheim Day One, photo gallery by Dan Berry

How to quickly hate someone in swift order: get a Messenger inbox, early in the morning, where AEISD Contributor Dan Berry shares a Dropbox folder full of shots he’s taken on the first day at WonderCon Anaheim 2017 – the Comic-Con International event held this weekend. Where you see that the Anaheim Convention Centre is just jam-packed of the best cosplayers, exhibitors and artists on the West Coast. And then notice that Dan had a seat at the IMAGINARY MARY press room with the ever-so-delightful Jenna Elfman. And then flick through to notice that he attended the press room where the one and only Kevin Smith stopped by, unannounced.


More pictures to come, no doubt. [seethe…]

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