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It’s been a busy couple of weeks. From some of the biggest conventions that North America has to offer (C2E2, WonderCon Anaheim, Heroes & Villains Fan Fest…), to slightly more modest UK fare (Stoke Con Trent, Leam Comic Con, EM-Con Worcester…), we’ve been very busy trying cover all we can from these shows. And we’re still ramping up to the Big Enchilada in San Diego, of course.

In between all of this, some stuff is going to slip. Sometimes it’s intentional (we’ve been waiting on Top Cow‘s Matt Hawkins to clear some elements of our chat with us, but that’s all sorted now), and sometimes it’s just because we’ve got so much on our plate.

Which is a long winded way of saying: we apologise for nor bringing you Dan Berry‘s ‘The Rest…’ Photo Gallery from Silicon Valley Comic Con a few weeks back. We posted the first days shots, but now we can bring you the rest of the photos, including some great pics of FIREFLY‘s Jewel Staite, the spotlight panel for Jim Shooter, a whole bunch of shots of the BAD SAMARITAN/Legion M gang, and lots and lots …and LOTS… of cosplayers!

It’s a cracking bunch of shots – don’t forget, if were cosplaying Silicon Valley Comic Con and you spot yourself in the pics, or if you spot someone you recognise, please comment below so we can credit accordingly, possibly on our Instagram. Hope you enjoy… eventually!

SVCC 2018: Silicon Valley Comic Con, Dan Berry Photo Gallery (The Rest, 7th/9th April 2018)

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