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Can’t tell a lie: our ‘man on the ground’ Dan Berry is kind of letting us – and, by extension, you, Dear Reader – down, in his coverage of Silicon Valley Comic Con, being held this weekend at the San Jose Convention Center. His photos are so far thin on the ground and, to be frank, just mostly of the one panel. Pffft! Honestly!

This isn’t to say that he isn’t working his arse off at the show, mind. The reason for the thinness of this first day gallery of shots at the show are down to Dan organising and conduction a metric shit-ton of interviews with exhibitors and creators, which we’ll be glad and proud to be bringing you shortly (the first up being the rather marvellous Matt Hawkins of Top Cow Comics, coming soon). Oh, and the other reason being… Well, c’mon, if you could spend as much time as humanly possible breathing the same rarefied air as Mads Mikklesen, wouldn’t you? Of course you would!

Thanks to Dan for the shots – more photo galleries as they show up in our Dropbox. Oh, and don’t forget Alyssa Franks will be bringing us her impressions of Silicon Valley on this Sunday’s Talkin’ Comic Con: A Cup O’ Tea with… episode. Should be fun.

SVCC 2018: Silicon Valley Comic Con, Dan Berry Photo Gallery (Day 1, Friday 6th April 2018)

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