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(LEONARD: We’re a little bit late on uploading this interview, due to some details that Matt wasn’t too sure he wanted to reveal just yet, and we agreed to edit/hold back on the chat’s posting to make sure everything was tip-top and ship-shape. Thanks to Top Cow’s Dylan Gray for all the help in clearing the final edit.)

Over the weekend of April 6th-8th in San Jose, Silicon Valley Comic Con took over the Convention Center of the city to bring a show that fuses both pop culture with the best of science and technology. Attending the show was our ‘man on the ground’, Dan Berry who got to speak to a host of incredible creatives and exhibitors.

Here, Dan speaks to Top Cow Press’ CCO Matt Hawkins about what makes Top Cow stand out from the herd in 2018, as well as his current line-up of books, what Top Cow have got planned down the line, and what is in store for Matt as he takes Top Cow across the globe…

Thanks to Matt for his time at the show, and thanks to Dan for bringing us this interview.

image - SVCC 2018 (Dan Berry Photo Gallery, The Rest) 109

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