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Oh, boy. When finding out information about CCI and WonderCon starts resembling scenes from a Robert Redford movie, you know that rabid anticipation for these shows are off the charts.

Well, this time such snooping around the CCI website has uncovered some great information, especially for those wanting to plan ahead for a trip to Anaheim next year.

A Friends Of CCI forum member has unearthed a page which details the date and location for WonderCon 2014: the show returns to the Anaheim Convention Center, after a highly successful show this year, next April 18th-20th, Easter Weekend 2014.

WonderCon Anaheim 2014 - CCI website screengrab

For many, this is fantastic news as the venue and city surely proved itself to host such a complex event and was a big hit with this years attendees, even after the shows long history at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

WonderCon may have been seen as a Bay Area fixture in the past but this second year residency at Anaheim shows CCI’s willingness to adapt to change. Another big factor in CCI’s decision maybe the continuing attitude of the Moscone Center towards WonderCon – despite the massive interest and growing numbers, not many hotel rooms in the city are sold via the official booking system and therefore not seen as a financial boon for the local economy.

We’ll keep our eyes open for when the page becomes official on the CCI homepage – and also for any further developments: that rumour of another CCI show being added to the calendar keeps on coming around…


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