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We may be entering the final stage of the year, and everyone else might be more pre-occupied with wrapping of presents and decorating of trees, but there’s obviously no rest for the wicked in the Comic-Con International offices, as they have announced their first confirmed Special Guests for next years WonderCon Anaheim, taking place in April, on their Toucan Blog.

And CCI are starting very strong, straight out of the gate, with five incredible names of the full legacy of the industry, from the Silver Age of comics with the legendary Neal Adams, through to the best of the new blood with Becky Cloonan and Aaron Kuder. As soon as more get released, we’ll let you know – just hoping that we don’t get anything too close to Christmas dinner, we’ll be busy eating turkey, guys…!


Neal Adams had legendary runs on Batman, X-Men, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, and Deadman. He rescued Batman from the campy TV show and transformed him into his present “Avenger of the Night” persona. When people say “modern Batman,” they mean Neal Adams’s Batman. His run led directly to the realistic incarnation seen in Batman Begins and the Dark Knight movies. His Batman: Odyssey series blasted into new horizons of the comic book medium. Adams followed Odyssey with Blood (published by Dark Horse), The First X-Men (published by Marvel), and the upcoming The Invasion of the Supermen to be published by DC.

Becky Cloonan is best known for her work as an artist on books like Demo, with writer Brian Wood, and Killjoys, with Gerard Way and Shaun Simon. Her self-published short stories “Wolves,” “The Mire,” and “Demeter” have garnered critical acclaim as well as an Eisner Award and a British Fantasy Award. She recently moved to Gotham City, and—changing gears a little—is now writing Gotham Academy for DC Comics with co-writer Brenden Fletcher and artist Karl Kerschl. Becky also made a comic about baking zucchini bread that was a big hit on Tumblr.

Aaron Kuder, the artist of Action Comics, is based in the United States, between a giant sycamore tree and a cow pasture. Day in and day out he works at drawing people in costumes, usually not getting along with someone or something. Aaron enjoys this quite a bit. He also enjoys listening to audio books and cooking food that he may or may not be able to pronounce the names of. Aaron got his start in comics in late 2010/early 2011, and he is pretty sure he will never feel like he has got a handle on it. But he thinks he can live with that just fine.

Kevin Maguire is an artist known primarily for his work on Justice League International (the “Bwa-Ha-ha” era). Some of the other comics work he’s done in his quarter-century career include Adventures of Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman Confidential, Defenders, Metal Men, Weird Worlds, and X-Men Forever. He’s also the creator of Tanga, Strikeback, and Trinity Angels. He’s currently at work on a new creator-owned project.

Dustin Nguyen is an American comic artist whose body of work over the past 14 years includes Wildcats v3.0, The Authority Revolution, Batman, Superman/Batman, Detective Comics, Manifest Eternity, Batgirl, and Batman: Streets of Gotham, American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares, and BATMAN: Li’l Gotham written by himself and Derek Fridolfs. He is currently working with Jeff Lemire on their creator-owned series Descender, launching through Image Comics in spring of 2015.

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