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logo - comic-con thumbnail (distressed)Are you a ‘Professional’? Okay, better question: do you know what a Professional is, when is comes to San Diego Comic-Con? No doubt you will have seen Professional Badges floating around the event, perhaps on those on stage on a panel that you’d assumed deserve the title. But you may wonder why others fall under the category that you might not expect.

Well, as it happens, there are actual definitions to being a Professional at Comic-Con – and if you fall under those qualifications, you could apply for a Professional Badge as of today.

COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL AND WONDERCON welcome professionals and executives in the comic book, book publishing, animation, film, television, gaming, and related industries (“related” refers to those who produce material based on comic book, graphic novel, comic strip, animation, or fantasy/sci-fi properties).


CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS take an active role in the creation, design, writing, editing, or production of comics, animation, films, books, video games, or toys. Job titles might include writer, artist, penciller, inker, colorist, letterer, animator, designer, sculptor, editor, publisher, producer, actor, etc. This category includes retired career professionals from comics and related popular arts fields. Creative professional member class is also extended to those responsible for the content of websites that promote the historic or ongoing contribution of comics to art or society.

TRADE PROFESSIONALS are agents, publicists, managers, executives, marketing, sales, business development, advertising, legal representatives, and other industry professionals who need to attend the convention for business reasons. Comic-Con trade professional badges are available for purchase to those who do not qualify as a creative professional. WonderCon trade professional badges are complimentary.

And this wide net of what makes being a Professional is why you may see quite a few Badges doing the rounds on the Exhibition Floor – 13,000 are handed out by Comic-Con International. If you have already been accepted as being one, you might not have to worry – a Professional Badge status has a life of three years and you may already be set for 2016.

However, if you are a returning Pro, or applying for the first time, the Application Period opened today; head to the Comic-Con Professionals Page to get the full information pack and what you need to put your name forward. And, of course you can head to the CCI Professional FAQ Page for answers to all of your questions.

The deadline for applications is SATURDAY 16TH OCTOBER 2015 (WonderCon Professional Applications have to be in by 8th March, 2016) – if you’re applying this year, either as a returnee or for the first time, the very best of luck!

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