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logo - comic-con (distressed)Emails are now being sent out, alerting candidates that are eligible to take part in the first round of general badge sales for San Diego Comic-Con, that the first Open Online Badge Registration will officially take place this Saturday, 15th March at 9am Pacific Time – that’s 4pm in proper money!

Once again, don’t mess that up, chaps: that’s FOUR PEE EMM for the Badge Sale, here in the U.K.!

Daylight Savings took place last weekend in the States, meaning that those wanting to purchase badges from abroad have to be extra alerted to the international time difference; applicants will be able to click on the link supplied in their emails and enter the Waiting Room at 2pm GMT, with slots allocated for the Purchasing Sessions shortly after 4pm GMT, once applicants have been sorted.

Only valid holders of an SDCC Member ID, that are not in possession of a Preview Night badge, will have received the email with the Waiting Room link with their Registration Code included – this means that those that took part in the Pre-Registration Badge Sale and were unlucky to grab all of the four days (or, indeed, Preview Night) will have the opportunity to upgrade with everybody else.

This is an unusual manoeuvre by Comic-Con International where, in previous years, if previous badge sale applicants had landed Saturday badges, they would have been excluded from subsequent sales. There has been no announcement made yet whether this practice will be re-introduced for future sales.

Comic-Con International have already done everything in their power to get everybody up-to-speed on the new badge purchasing process, including posting a ‘Badge Registration 101’ entry on the Toucan Blog on their website. To all intents and purposes, the new Open Online Registration setup is the same as introduced for the Pre-Registration and was mapped out in a YouTube video:

The Open Online Badge Registration March 15th date had been already called by the SDCC Unofficial Blog a week ago when they announced that they would be hosting a Google+ Hangout to run alongside the badge sale, similar to the one they held during the Pre-Registration Badge Sale. You can watch this Hangout, and keep tabs on how things are progressing live – for better or worse – at the Google+ Event page, here: https://plus.google.com/events/cg8vdem5eobnb6te2shdm85bhq4

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