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logo - comic-con (distressed)The San Diego Comic-Con G+ Community is hosting two Hangouts On Air to discuss the recent approval of the San Diego Coastal Commission to the expansion plans of the San Diego Convention Center. These Hangouts will be conducted by myself, Dear Reader and taking part will be CCI’s Director of Press & Public Relations, David Glanzer and the San Diego Convention Center’s VP of Public Affairs, Steven Johnson.

This important ruling was the last remaining requirement for the expansion to go forward. These are exciting times and this, obviously, means a great deal to the city of San Diego and to the future plans of Comic-Con International. We shall be discussing how this ruling affects the Con in its current commitment to the Center, how the Con will run while the construction is under way and the future of Comic-Con in San Diego.

The David Glanzer Hangout will take place at Friday 18th October; The Steven Johnson Hangout will take place at Wednesday 23rd October – both will be held at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT, and will last approx 20-30mins each.

I’ll be editing this post to include the YouTube links so you can watch the Hangouts live – I hope you can join us.

Hangout with David Glanzer:

Hangout with Steven Johnson:

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