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Thanks to the efforts of a eagle eyed reader, with today’s update of the San Diego Convention Center‘s Events Calendar, we now have tentative dates revealed for San Diego Comic-Con 2019: Thursday 18th – Sunday 21st July 2019 (Preview Night, presumably, held on Wednesday 17th July)!

We all know that San Diego Comic-Con is planned for and accommodated in the city way in advance, with the official announcement already been made that the convention will be staying in San Diego through till 2021. (We were also told by Convention Center Committee Chair Gil Cabrera, on our ‘Post Con Recap’ Cup O’ Tea Show, that the Center has confirmed bookings on the books into the next decade and beyond.) However, the dates for these events are never officially revealed until closer to the previous years Comic-Con – traditionally in the Events Guide of the current Convention, this year printed in the booklet sent out with attendee badges.

The updates to the Convention Center Events Calendar do give us a reasonable window of probability with previous updates being on the nose. And, of course, with a ‘Private Convention with Trade Show’ with an estimated audience of 126,000 people (and following on the heels of the ERSI Conference the weekend before), there’s very few events that this could be – yup, c’mon people, it’s us. (EDIT: Although, interestingly, in previous years and up until 2018, the event is booked in with an attendance of 130,000. Is the Convention Centre calling out the bursting of the Comic-Con bubble?? /jk)

Can we book hotels and holiday dates that far advance?? Only one way to find out, I suppose…

Thanks to Friends Of Comic Con Forum member loubert for the heads-up!

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