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Comics journalism is at such a crossroads at the moment, with journalism in all mediums itself under attack from all fronts (and even from within its own ranks); those that are tasked with reporting on the comics landscape and industry find themselves balancing many tightropes and under threat of being charged of bias, politically, sociologically, ideologically. It’s a strange place to find oneself in.

As it happens, the one that succeed the most in this field of journalism are those with strong voices and experience and willing to use those voices and that experience to defend their opinions and lead the charge for honest and respectable comics criticism.

The Comics Beat‘s esteemed Heidi McDonald leads this collection of such voices in the San Diego Comic-Con ANNUAL COMICS JOURNALISM PANEL, under the title of ‘Chronicling The New Comics Canon’, in which they discuss the need and necessity for canon in both story and publication, as well as talking about the strengths of good comics appreciation, the desire for strong editorial leadership and guidance, and the current state of comics criticism.

Thanks to the panel for allowing me to record the session for posting – they consisted of:

  • Heidi MacDonald (The Beat)
  • Valerie Complex (Braxton)
  • Kat Overland (Women Write About Comics)
  • Rob McMonigal (Panel Pater)
  • Andrew Steven Harris (former writer, Wizard Magazine)
  • Fred Van Lente (The Comic Book History of Comics)
  • Albert Ching (former CBR Managing Editor)

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