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I can’t say I’m not disappointed. When the cover of this years San Diego Comic-Con Souvenir Book was revealed, I was hoping that we could be seeing Matt Taylor‘s incredible ‘Ten Years Of The MCU’ art work on an official shirt, as well as that exclusive Mondo print.

As it happens, however, we’re getting something else very special on this years souvenir tees, along with other new additions for the hardcore SDCC fan’s wardrobe. While Marvel are gracing the book cover, it’s DC Comics representing on a classy grey shirt with a design featuring Catwoman – as drawn by superstar art Joelle Jones, with colours from similarly acclaimed Laura Allred – with her whip following the path of the circular Comic-Con International text. Very very tasty indeed.

The other new designs available this year include a new gold distressed version of the ‘SDCC Collegiate’ tee that was introduced last year and also a new stone cold killer CCI Logo Dark Grey On Black. All of which are produced by Graphitti Designs which means off the evidence of previous shirts they’ve produced, they will be made to a very high standard on high grade cotton and really well printed.

And they’re not extortionate, either. The shirt clocks in at $22.57 (£17.09) for the Small to XL Men’s and Women’s sizes, $25.81 (£19.54) for the XXL’s and $29.04 (£21.99) for the XXXL’s – the wee ‘uns get theirs for $19.34 (£14.64).*

(Just for reference, @MissKittyGunn who works for Graphitti has posted a handy measurement guide on Twitter…)

Another new design also features on one of the enamel badges that can be found in some of the Badge Boxes currently winging their way to lucky 2018 attendees – a Spaceman Toucan welcoming you to ‘the Comic-Con Universe’, drawn by Rick Geary. Same prices, same sizes, as above. (Don’t worry if you didn’t land the Spaceman Toucan Badge in your particular box, they can also be picked up in the Merch Portal – more on that in a minute.)

Returning for 2018 are the Book ($22.57, £17.08) and Tote Bags ($27.96, £21.16), rather handy for those trips around Artist Alley and the remaining comics vendors on the Exhibition Floor. And, once you’ve done draining your bank balance inside the Convention Center, you can take an Artist Edition Tiki Mug and drown your sorrows in a local hive of scum and villainy of your choice (or the Hilton Bayfront Bar, if you prefer). There’s two of those available, too ($33.40, £35.27: a classic Toucan design and also a rather bizarre Victorian Murderer, based on artist Rick Geary’s A TREASURY OF VICTORIAN MURDER. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

And there you have it – quite the range of appealing merch with which you can flaunt your attendance of the Biggest Celebration Of Popular Culture On The Planet™ to all of your envious friends. You can access and pre-pay for your selection via a dedicated tab on your Member ID page. You can then collect your order from the Pacific Ballroom, found in the new extension to the Marriott Marquis & Marina Hotel from the Wednesday through until the Sunday of the convention. Something to do when to find yourself with a spare fifteen minutes or so (although the argument could be made that, if you can find that, you’re a rare bird at Comic-Con!)

Click here to log on to your Member ID and order your Comic-Con 2018 Official T-Shirts and Merchandise

(*all conversion GDP prices are taken from the exchange rate on 12 Midday Thursday 21st June from Yahoo! and are to be used as a guide reference only.)

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