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The leaves are turning brown, the temperature has dropped through the basement, and hopefully San Diego Comic-Con fans – especially those that are eagerly waiting on the announcement of the Returning Registration Badge Sale – have some funds spare from their Summer holiday funds to cover the cost of badges. Comic-Con International have updated their Comic-Con Purchase Badges page with new prices and, yes, there is a price increase – thankfully, not as much as you might think.

Daily prices have gone up by three dollars a day for adults and two for Sunday, bringing the cost to a full weekend to $231 ($276, if you include Preview Night, which hasn’t gone up). Juniors and U.S. Military/Seniors get a price hike of one dollar a day.

What does that mean for us Brits? Well, the USD-GBP conversion continues to take a fall, meaning we’re getting less for our quids than ever with a total weekend badge clocking in at over £220, including Preview Night. The total calculations are listed below, with our usual conversion rate guide supplied by xe.com (as of 11am, 6th October 2017) – as always, these are not definitive conversions, merely a guide to give you a sense of what you feel San Diego Comic-Con is worth to attend.

Here at An Englishman In San Diego, we still feel the price is worth it, considering how much content is put on by Comic-Con International… but how much of it do you actually get to see over the course of four and a bit days? Is the experience of a modern San Diego Comic-Con worth the money nowadays? What do you think? Comments welcome below, as always.



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