Home Con News SDCC 2018: Priority Volunteer Registration date announced – Monday 30th October

This Saturday’s Returning Registration Badge Sale isn’t the only method that attendees of July’s San Diego Comic-Con to gain entry next year. Emails have started hitting inboxes of those that submitted themselves into the army of heroic volunteers of SDCC 2017 and a Priority Volunteer Registration has been scheduled for Monday 30th October at 5pm GMT (that’s 10am PT and 1pm ET – don’t forget, our clocks go back an hour early on Sunday Morning here, gang).

Registration will take place via the Comic-Con website on the Member ID pages of those applicable who ‘completed at least one assignment during Comic-Con 2017 or were pre-approved by the Volunteer Department’. For everyone else that wants the chance to volunteer and have applied for the Volunteer Interest List will have their chance ‘at a later date’, once these Priority slots have been filled, with that deadline happening on Friday 10th November.

That gives the Priority Volunteers TWO WEEKS to get their submission in: we think they’ll be quite popular so we’ll be keeping an eye on how long these slots will actually remain available – follow us on Twitter to be updated on availability as the Registration progresses.

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