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The eagerly anticipated Comic-Con Museum – the permanent exhibition space to be presented by Comic-Con International, and setting up shop at the previously title Hall Of Champions in Balboa Park in San Diego – had it’s big reveal to Comic-Con attendees this year, with many banners in place of where fans would usually see GAME OF THRONES house sigils hanging from the ceiling, a booth on the Exhibition Floor throughout this years convention and a full panel, unveiling the ambitious plans of the Museum team.

It was this panel which took a number of people by surprise, not only for those left stood standing outside Room 29ABC on the Sunday (a line of thirty-odd people, which even prompted CCI Director Of Programming Eddie Ibrahim to come and see what all the fuss was about), but also for those that managed to get in: many were galvanised by what Museum Director Adam Smith, Museum Director of Programming Keegan Chetwynd and Vice President of Development Melissa Peterman were proposing, most raised eyebrows at how much hard work – and funds! – was still required to get the project underway, and all were a little deflated by the estimated timetable of getting the doors open. The message was clear: to get this project right, these things take time.

Photo Credit: @SDPartnership / Twitter

Directly following the panel, I managed to sneak Adam away into a side room to talk a little further about where the project currently stood, about how momentum might be continued with interim ‘virtual content’, and about how to properly present the project to baying fans without spoiling the surprise, once those doors eventually open. Enjoy.

Before the convention got properly underway, I took a stroll up to the Hall Of Champions to see what the current state of play is with the building – the Park is still using some of the space as a cafe area but, behind some imposing tarpalin, the space is starting to take shape – and, like Adam says, it’s an impressive space to fill.

I’m also adding a couple of videos here which I have found while sourcing images for this post, including an interview with Director of Programming Keegan Chetwynd, conducted by Stadia Productions Spencer Mosher on the floor of SDCC 2018, and also the new promo video that launched the social media channels of the Museum last week!

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  1. It looks like they plan to preserve the Federal Building’s historic facade. Very cool! Hopefully the big parking lot in the Palisades area of Balboa Park is eventually replaced by lawns and benches and fountains, or something less ugly!

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