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EDIT (11/05/2018): Thanks to the eagle-eyed AEISD follower Michael Lee Morris, we now have the rather tasty pins unveiled by Frank Cho, Dave Johnson and Dan Panosian – edited into the post below. Thanks, Michael!)

As we get closer and closer to this July’s San Diego Comic-Con, the news about exclusives available in and around the show will start to ramp up. Many of these will prove agonisingly difficult to lay your hands on (stand forward Funko, Hasbro, et al) and, sometimes, it’s arguable that it’s even any fun doing so, what with all the waiting, the queuing, the endless struggle with competing with dealers already on the floor… Oy vey! However, there are a number of creatives, tabling in Artist Alley that are determined to make some SDCC exclusive hunting a bit more enjoyable.

Artist Mark Brooks (STAR WARS, AVENGERS, SECRET EMPIRE) has revealed on Facebook that he, along with nine other artists will be producing a series of exclusive pins that fans can hunt for around Artist Alley this July. (‘Hunt’ may be a bit of a strong word, it’s sounds that, more than likely, you’ll be able to pick them up at their own individual tables – fingers crossed it’s that simple.)

As you can see with the images below, these pins are especially cool! I love me some pins, me, so I can see myself scouring the Artist Alley tables for a couple of these to add to the collection – no word yet on how much these beauties will, how rare, who else maybe joining the roster (one would hope there’s one female artist in the mix, please), and whether raised funds will be going to any kind of charity, but obviously when we find out, you find out. Because that’s how we roll.


Mark Brooks (Facebook): “For San Diego Comic Con 2018 a bunch of big name artists are getting together and producing exclusive enamel pins for the show. There will be over 10 artists and over a dozen different pins to collect. So far there’s Terry Dodson, Dan Panosian, Frank Cho, and Dave Johnson among many others with more joining everyday it seems. We’d like to turn the illustration area of the con into a pin hunt and hope to offer pin lanyards and boards to collect your finds. 

Here’s the 3 I’ll be offering. it’s possible one if these will be a chase pin and more exclusive than the others. Excited to collect them all from all the artists myself! #SDCC”


Frank Cho (Facebook): “Monkey Boy, metal pin. I guess the cat is out of the bag. Yes, I’m making a super exclusive and limited Monkey Boy (from the comic strip Liberty Meadows) pins for this year’s San Diego Comicon. So far, everything looks good and on track.  


Dave Johnson (Instagram): “Making an enamel pin for SDCC. Why is Devilpig so angry? Get the pin and he will whisper it to you late at night when nobody is looking. #devilpig #davejohnson #enamelpin #sdccexclusive”


Dan Panosian (Twitter): “The pins! Contact for more info! Available soon! Reserve yours now! Limited run!”

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