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Titan Comics (along with BBC America and 2000AD and a few select others) has always been one of the major representatives of Brit content at San Diego Comic-Con, always bringing some of the most impressive talent, artwork and panels you can ever find in the schedules – 2017 is absolutely no exception, with the publisher showcasing some of the most worldwide recognisable shows and comics at this year’s show.

We already knew about the majority of the info that Titan have confirmed by release this morning – exclusives have been revealed, panels officially announced – but to see it all on one page really does show how big Titan are going this year, it’s very impressive indeed. Expect their booth to be a particular hotspot this week!

Here, courtesy of their official release, is the full lineup of Titan Comics at SDCC 2017:


This San Diego Comic-Con, Titan Comics brings its biggest ever offering of exciting debuts, SDCC variants, limited editions and special appearances from a host of creators including; Steven Moffat, Terry Dodson, plus many more phenomenal talents from the comics industry.

BBC’s SHERLOCK co-creator and Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat is set to make a special appearance on Thursday July 20, 2017 on Titan’s Sherlock Comics Panel (12PM – 1PM, Room 5AB) to discuss all-things Sherlock manga joined by Sherlock producer Sue Vertue! Expect sneak peeks, art previews, and announcements as they go behind the scenes of the Sherlock TV series adaption comics. Fans will get the chance to meet Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue at a special Sherlock signing at 1.15PM in Autograph Area Table AA21 on Thursday. Tickets will be drawn on Thursday AM so don’t miss out!

Whovians cannot miss Titan’s DOCTOR WHO & TORCHWOOD comics panel on Saturday July 22 at 3.30pm (room 5AB) alongside special DOCTOR WHO guests – writers Nick Abadzis, Richard Dinnick, Cavan Scott, George Mann, and colorist Brian Miller, with DOCTOR WHO editor Andrew James. This special panel is a must-attend for Whovians and Torchwood aficionados alike, delving into upcoming plans for both series as well as new announcements and art reveals.

During the show exclusively at Titan Booth #5537, Titan is releasing a Doctor Who Convention Special comic entitled “The Last Action Figure” – an all-new DOCTOR WHO story featuring the TV show’s current companion, Bill Potts, played by Pearl Mackie.

Written by Richard Dinnick, with art by Mariano Laclaustra and Carlos Cabrera, this convention special comic comes with two fantastic collectable covers by Alice X. Zhang featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Bill Potts.

DOCTOR WHO fans attending 2017’s San Diego Comic-Con can purchase this special comic, along with a fantastic range of other DOCTOR WHO comics and collections, at the Titan booth #5537. Plus, there’s many opportunities for fans to meet their favorite Doctor Who comic creators, including Nick Abadzis, Paul Cornell, Richard Dinnick, George Mann, Cavan Scott and Alice X. Zhang.

SDCC attendees will get a very special opportunity with a peek behind the curtain at Titan’s WARHAMMER 40,000 comic series – based in the staggeringly popular dark science fiction universe from Games Workshop. Join WARHAMMER 40,000 writer George Mann in a special panel on Thursday July 20 at 2.30PM (Room 4) to be among the first to see exclusive art from the new comics including WARHAMMER 40,000: DAWN OF WAR III and our latest title, BLOOD BOWL: MORE GUTS MORE GLORY, and hear upcoming plans for the series. WARHAMMER 40,000 fans can get their comics signed by writer George Mann after the panel at 4PM at Titan Booth #5537.

Titan will be exhibiting a number of SDCC exclusives – only available at Titan’s booth #5537 – including a special ashcan with a first look at Titan’s new FIGHTING AMERICAN series with a convention special Issue #0 featuring a black and white pencil cover by comic book legend, Terry Dodson! As an extra bonus, Dodson will be signing copies at 12PM on Friday July 21 at Titan Booth #5537.

Protoculture fans should not miss the global debut of ROBOTECH #1, based on the classic ‘80s TV show! To celebrate this debut, Harmony Gold’s Tommy Yune will be signing copies of the comic at Titan Booth #5537 from 1PM. Robotech #1 convention special comes with a stunning cover by DOCTOR WHO artist Rachael Stott! Plus, fans attending the ROBOTECH panel held on Thursday July 20 at 8:30PM (Room 24ABC) will also get a behind-the-scenes look at Issue #1 and exclusive teases behind the series!

Fans of VEEP’s Armando Iannucci will not want to miss out on Titan’s limited signed edition of THE DEATH OF STALIN – the graphic novel, which inspired the upcoming movie. This limited signed edition comes with an exclusive art card signed by Armando Iannucci – writer/director of the new THE DEATH OF STALIN movie. This is only available at Titan Booth #5537.


Guests: Steven Moffat, Sue Virtue

Join in for a talk on all-things Sherlock manga with showrunner, writer, and producer of the DOCTOR WHO and SHERLOCK TV series Steven Moffat, joined by producer Sue Vertue. Expect sneak peeks, art previews, and announcements as they go behind the scenes of the Sherlock TV series adaptation comics. Each audience member will receive a free gift!

Guests: George Mann

Take an exclusive look at what’s coming up for Titan and Games Workshop’s WARHAMMER 40,000 comics line-featuring WARHAMMER 40,000 ongoing, DAWN OF WAR, and BLOOD BOWL. Go behind the scenes of the DAWN OF WAR III series, set within the latest Relic video game, and get the score of brand-new and riotous BLOOD BOWL comics based on the hit tabletop and game series. Get an exclusive preview of upcoming series DEATHWATCH! Join WARHAMMER writer George Mann (DARK SOULS, DOCTOR WHO) and senior editor Andrew James for a jam-packed panel. Each panel attendee will receive an exclusive gift.


Guests: George Mann (Twelfth Doctor), Cavan Scott (Ninth Doctor), Brian Miller (HiFi- colourist team), Nick Abadzis (Tenth Doctor), Richard Dinnick (Convention special).

Get your fix of all things Whovian from writers Cavan Scott, George Mann, and others, along with DOCTOR WHO senior editor Andrew James, who will reveal upcoming plans for Titan’s DOCTOR WHO comics and take you behind the scenes of Titan’s stand-alone SDCC DOCTOR WHO comic-created especially for the show! Each audience member will receive a free comic!



Thursday 20th July

  • SHERLOCK COMICS WITH STEVEN MOFFAT: Autograph Area Table AA21, 1.15pm – 2.15pm (Ticketed Signing: tickets distributed at 9am)

Guests: Steven Moffat, Sue Virtue

  • WARHAMMER SIGNING: Titan Booth #5537, 4pm – 5pm

Guests: George Mann


Friday 21st July

  • FIGHTING AMERICAN #0: Titan Booth #5537, 12pm Midday – 1pm

Guests: Terry Dodson


Saturday 22nd July

  • DOCTOR WHO SIGNING: Titan Booth #5537, 11am – 12pm Midday

Guests: Cavan Scott, Nick Abadzis, George Mann

  • ROBOTECH: Titan Booth #5537, 1pm – 2pm

Guests: Tommy Yune


Sunday 23rd July

  • DOCTOR WHO COMICS: Titan Booth #5537, 1pm – 2pm

Guests: Paul Cornell, Alice X Zhang, Richard Dinnick.







ROBOTECH #1, Rachael Stott SDCC 2017 Variant Cover




Find out more about Titan Comics and their incredible output by checking out their website (https://www.titan-comics.com), and social media – Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and Twitter.


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