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We loves RACHAEL STOTT, you knows we do. From her amazing work on Titan ComicsDOCTOR WHO (where she has absolutely had every rendition of the nu-Who’s down), to her landing the prestigious Emerging Talent Winner prize at the 2015 British Comic Awards, to even coming up with the incredible STAR WARS ‘Rey’ artwork for the SDCC UK Attendees Group, last year – she really is an amazing talent, on the verge of world domination. And this year, Rachael gets placed front and centre as part of Titan’s San Diego Comic-Con efforts, as the publisher puts her work on the exclusive variant cover for their new series based on seminal ’80s anime, ROBOTECH.

Back in the day, ROBOTECH was the gateway to anime for many US fans – its epic 85-episode series delved into humanity’s struggle against a series of alien invasions, from the gigantic Zentraedi to the mysterious Invid, battling for control of advanced alien technology that crash-landed on Earth. Against a backdrop that involved war, and romance, the powerful characterization and stunning action of the Veritech fighters that defend the Earth captured audiences and the series quickly became a cult smash.

Now, Titan and original ROBOTECH producers Harmony Gold have teamed up for a new ongoing series which will feature writer Brian Wood, artists Marco Turini and colourist Marco Lesko, casting a fresh eye over the world of Robotech, perfect for long-time fans of the series and also for those of us that it may have just skipped over. (1985? I was just discovering cider and bewbs at that point.)

ROBOTECH #1, Rachael Stott SDCC 2017 Variant Cover

Rachael won’t be making the trip over to allow fans to press the flesh and get copies of this stunning cover signed, unfortunately; good news, though, as Harmony Gold‘s Tommy Yune will be on hand at the Titan Booth (#5537), signing copies of his Blue Line Sketch Variant on Saturday 22nd July, at 1pm. A perfect opportunity to go up, sniff and mutter, “…yeah, but yer no rachael Stott, are yer?”, before getting physically removed from the Convention Center for ‘starting summat’.

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