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It was always going to be hit-or-miss – ‘a shot in a million, kid!’, indeed – whether Lucasfilm were going to bring the next installment of the STAR WARS saga, THE LAST JEDI, to San Diego Comic-Con 2017, what with the convention happening so soon, one weekend, away from the big fan event of their paymasters, Disney D23 Expo. The odds were even lower that we would even get anything for the anthology standalone movie for HAN SOLO (especially now the film is in directorial transistion, moving from the reins of Lord/Miller to Ron Howard).

However, word has reached us from a friend of AEISD who has been contacted by Lucasfilm Publicity, after an enquiry about interview opportunities at SDCC. That would be awfully difficult… If there was a panel there for them to attend in the first place.

Now, we grant you, this isn’t a definitive statement that there will be no STAR WARS panel at all at Comic-Con planned – Lucasfilm may have something up their sleeve to tag on to a Marvel presentation or a packet may be shipped in as a drop-in, somewhere along the line. But to have no press events or interviews scheduled? That says that nobody from the core casts will be making the trip to San Diego from Anaheim, at least not for anything SW-related.

We blame Jar Jar. We always blame Jar Jar.

What could we see at San Diego, in terms of STAR WARS, do we think? Costumes? A trailer on loop on the booth screens, that’s been out a week already? Thoughts and comments below, as always…

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