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We’re still waiting on any official word from Comic-Con International about the artist behind the cover for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Souvenir Guide – however, attendees for this years convention are starting to receive their RFID badges in a rather lavish Comic-Con HQ branded package, new for 2017: a Badge Box which includes an enamel pin, a Comic-Con HQ promo code and a booklet, welcoming attendees to the SDCC experience and highlighting a number of the CCI publications they can pick up this July.

One will be the Show Guide which is the more nuts-and-bolts reference manual to San Diego Comic-Con, with panel listings, Special Guest profiles and the like. The other is the Souvenir Guide which, this year, embraces the anniversary of Jack Kirby in a big way, featuring Marvel Comics‘ characters Mister Miracle, Captain America, The Thing and Thor in traditional Kirby striding poses.

image: @foxdragonnerd

Attendee, director and cosplayer @foxdragonnerd has posted snapshots of the booklet on her Twitter, and it’s a very striking cover showcased inside – it’s a pleasure to see the King being celebrated in this old-school fashion and we can’t wait to get our hands on the thing, in the flesh. If you’ll pardon the pun.

image: Dan Berry

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