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Mondays: hardly a day to look forward to. Back to the daily grind, powering through… thank goodness we have San Diego Comic-Con Special Guest Monday to boost a sludgy mood, with four more award-winning phenomenal creative talents announced today. Today’s guests join the previously announced Brigitte Findakly, Eduardo Risso, Bruce Timm, and Lewis Trondheim.

From the worlds of animation (Paul Dini, the writer of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES), cartoons (Jeff Smith, Eisner Award-winning creator of the seminal BONE), sequential art (Victoria Jamieson, writer/artist ROLLER GIRL) and comics archival (John Morrow, THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR), this latest batch of Special Guests simply adds to what will eventually be the finest roster of creative talent gathered under one roof. Morrow’s participation is of particular interest as 2017 sees the 100th Birthday Anniversary of the master comics creator Jack Kirby.

  • JOHN MORROW: Writer / Publisher / Comics Historian: THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR
  • JEFF SMITH: Cartoonist: BONE / RASL

That’s eight names down, with twelve more Mondays to go – still plenty to go. See you back here next week!

We will, of course, be updating the Special Guests listings as the names are released in the coming weeks – you’ll be able to find full bio for the artists, writers and creatives at our dedicated Utility Belt pages, here:


SPECIAL GUESTS – SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2017 – Second Wave (Monday 30th January)

Paul Dini at Comic-Con International 2017, July 20–23 at the San Diego Convention CenterPAUL DINI


Paul Dini most recently authored the New York Times bestselling Vertigo graphic novel DARK NIGHT: A TRUE BATMAN STORY. Paul is known for his work on Warner Bros Animation projects including BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, BATMAN BEYOND, and the current JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION.

He has scripted numerous comic book series (GOTHAM CITY SIRENS, ZATANNA, DETECTIVE COMICS), video games (BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM, BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY), and live television (LOST, TOWER PREP), and last Christmas he released a collection of his creator-owned JINGLE BELLE comics through IDW. The co-creator of Harley Quinn, Paul continues to write frequent stories about America’s screwball sweetheart.


Victoria Jamieson at Comic-Con International 2017, July 20–23 at the San Diego Convention CenterVICTORIA JAMIESON


Victoria Jamieson is the author and illustrator of several graphic novels for young readers. Her first graphic novel, ROLLER GIRL, won a 2016 Newbery Honor award and was an Eisner Award nominee in the category of Best Publications for Kids. She is also the creator of THE GREAT PET ESCAPE and THE GREAT ART CAPER, a series for young readers published by Henry Holt.

Her next graphic novel for middle grade readers, ALL’S FAIRE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL, will be published by Dial Books for Young Readers in 2017. Victoria lives in Portland, OR with her family.


John Morrow at Comic-Con International 2017, July 20–23 at the San Diego Convention CenterJOHN MORROW

(Writer / Publisher / Comics Historian, THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR)

John Morrow is one Morrow (and publisher) at TwoMorrows Publishing, the industry’s leading purveyor of comics history and appreciation publications. Starting in 1994 as creator and editor of THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR magazine (now in its 23rd year of documenting the life and career of its comics legend namesake), John has lived out his childhood dream of working in the comics field, albeit not as an artist like he’d envisioned. Instead, TwoMorrows has allowed him to rub elbows with most of his comics idols and produce a slew of award-winning magazine titles since 1994, including Comic Book Artist, Alter Ego, Back Issue, Write Now, Draw, Rough Stuff, and Comic Book Creator, working alongside some of the finest editors (and people) in fandom.

Having now produced books on nearly every major comics creator—and bringing LEGO fandom into the TwoMorrows mix—he’s currently wrapping work on KIRBY100, going back to his roots to showcase the 100 pages that prove Kirby was “King,” just in time to celebrate Jack’s 100th birthday at Comic-Con 2017.


Jeff Smith at Comic-Con International 2017, July 20–23 at the San Diego Convention CenterJEFF SMITH

(Cartoonist, BONE / R.A.S.L.)

Jeff Smith is the New York Times bestselling author/cartoonist of the BONE and RASL graphic novels. BONE has won numerous awards around the world, including multiple American Eisners and Harveys, and the French Alph Art.

In 2005, Smith’s work was chosen to launch Graphix, an imprint of Scholastic Books. Smith was guest editor of Best American Comics in 2013.

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