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This is very much relevant to our interests. In the past, AEISD may have been overly harsh and critical of some of the decisions that Comic-Con International have made, ultimately making attending the event overly awkward and costly. Last year, prior to SDCC 2016 getting up and running, we railed in particular over the fact that international attendees were being unfairly punished by having to squeeze their badge collection time in so close to the opening of the Preview Night doors, meaning that they struggled to land those precious line spots to bag prize exclusives.

Ultimately, the badge collection time was brought forward by someone in authority by a couple of hours, giving International Attendees a much welcome fighting chance – this year, we are absolutely required, and pleased as punch, to eat our words.

Ahead of this years San Diego Comic-Con (Thurs 20th – Sun 23rd July; Preview Night, Weds 19th July), those outside of North America have started to receive their badge barcode emails in their inboxes, also containing timetable instructions for collection. And underneath, there’s specifically something for the Int.Att’s that definitely should make them smile.

That’s right, we’re being singularly pointed out as being able to collect our badges a full day before everyone else, which is ideal for anybody travelling into town for the week on holiday. Sorry, ‘vacation’. Excellent news!

Admittedly, those that have planned to be travelling into town specifically for the convention and arriving on the Wednesday, are stuck on square one and the collection times are as we have known in years past. But it’s great that Comic-Con International are listening being responsive to requests from us meek and mild, barely-complaining-a-smidge Foreigners and helping us out a great deal with this small concession – thanks, CCI!

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