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Like a crack in a dam, the news flowing out of Comic-Con International is coming faster and faster, with updates hitting our inboxes thick and fast . (Oh gods, aren’t you incredibly, incredibly glad we went with the ‘dam’ metaphor?) We’ve had the Badge Sales, we’ve had the Volunteer Updates last week – now, the last piece of the puzzle for a San Diego Comic-Con attendee as arrived: news of the onPeak Hotel Sale, taking place on Wednesday, 26th April at 5pm GMT (that’s 9am PT, Midday ET for our Colonial brethren).

In a similar setup to the Badge Sale process, people wanting to cast their hats into the ring for the available Hotels will do so via a Waiting Room, opening strictly ONE HOUR prior to the start of the Sale (4pm GMT / 8am PT / 11am ET). The social media of CCI has stated that links to this Waiting Room will be going to inboxes of Badge Holders ‘next week’…

…however, it looks like someone has become a little impatient and next week appears to have begun already! Some – including yours truly, Dear Reader – have had their email through, with said link and some useful information regarding the whole shebang:

To understand how our hotel request process works, and to avoid delays during the request process, please look at our hotel page in advance at http://www.comic-con.org/cci/hotels. Be sure to look at the hotel PDF before housing opens and choose your top six (6) hotels in the downtown area and your top six (6) choices outside of the downtown area.

  • The waiting room will open on April 26, around 8:00 AM PDT. You cannot enter the waiting room before that time. Entering the waiting room early will not increase your chances of getting a room.
  • Form submission by web or phone starts at 9:00 AM PDT.
  • Entering the waiting room after the 9:00 AM PDT will decrease your chances of getting a room.

If you took part in this melee last year, then all of this will look very familiar… with just a couple of slight tweaks. Applicants are asked to make up to six hotel choices from each of the Downtown and Non-Downtown selections – the brave and the bold, however, can opt to select just one hotel in order to get their form in. Then, as CCI tell us, “[…]the order in which requests are processed will be based on the time a guest was granted access to the form. No further randomization will take place throughout the process.”

There’s a full update on the CCI website, with a more in-depth tutorial on what applicants are likely to expect. There’s also a link to a sample form with which applicants can get better acquainted – the more info the better, right?

As is our want, we like to share a list of the available hotels, with converted USD-GBP prices, to give a guide of the price scale: this price conversion comes from xe.com and runs at a conversion rate of 0.7790 (USD-GDP)


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