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San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner and toy collectors are ramping up their shopping lists for what they want to bag from this years SDCC Exclusives List. One company that always knows how to get the attention of not just the hardcore but also the passing fan as well – and that’s FUNKO!

Funko have joined the ranks of companies such as Hasbro, Factory Entertainment and LEGO for being the must-grab items on the San Diego Convention Floor this July (Thursday 20th – Sunday 23rd; Preview Night Wednesday 19th)… but their popularity has not made it easy for people to even get in line to grab the figures they want.

UPDATE (8th July 2017): Funko have posted the instructions for this years drawings – and it’s a familiar setup, if you took part in the melee last year. It’s an Exclusives Lottery:

When: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Drawings will start shortly after the lines are let into the building until supplies last. Depending on the amount of attendees in line this line may start moving as early as 6:00am.
Where: Pavilion Terrace (Upper level outside Sails Pavilion). Attendees must first enter the Convention Center from the Badged Member entry line at the front of the building before lining up for drawings. Entry to the Sails Pavilion will be from this line.
ADA attendees with mobility issues should go to the Lobby B2 doors and use the glass elevators for access to the Sails Pavilion. They will be let up to the holding area outside the Sails Pavilion at the same time as the rest of the attendees.
Please note:
  • Attendee & professional badges only.
  • One drawing per person, per day.
  • This random drawing is for a chance to get a wristband to purchase items at the Funko booth.
  • Winning a ticket does not guarantee you of any specific item at the Funko booth. Items may sell out by the time you reach the front of the line.
  • Tickets are for a specific date and time and must be redeemed for that specific session.
  • Tickets are not transferrable.
  • There will be a strict limit of one of each item per ticket.
  • You will not be able to line up at the Funko booth before your session begins.
  • ADA attendees must also go through the lottery process outside the Sail Pavilion, as noted above.

As always, we’ll be gathering all of the release details on this Master List so don’t forget to bookmark this page and keep coming back to see what Team Funko are pulling from out their sleeves this year. We’re also adding a PDF Order Sheet which we’ll update as the Waves come out so, come July, you’ll have a full shopping list to hand to mark off the figures you want. Best of luck!

Featured image credit: collider.com

WAVE ONE: (Monday 5th June, 2017)

Pop! Star Wars: Rogue One – #183, Bodhi Rook


Pop! Star Wars: Rogue One – #184, Combat Assault Tank Trooper


Pop! Star Wars – #182, 6″ Supreme Leader Snoke (Glow-In-The-Dark)


Pop! Star Wars – Holographic Princess Leia & R2-D2


WAVE TWO: (7th June 2017)

POP! Movies: Scott Pilgrim vs The World , #459, Scott with Sword Of Destiny


POP! Movies: Scott Pilgrim vs the World – #470, Nega Scott


POP! Movies: Scott Pilgrim vs The World – #460, Roxy Richter


Dorbz: Scott Pilgrim vs The World – Scott Pilgrim 3-Pack


Rock Candy: Scott Pilgrim vs The World – Ramona Flowers


WAVE THREE: (9th June 2017)

POP! Funko: Marvel – #232 Gwenpool With Selfie Stick

Rock Candy: Gwenpool

POP! Marvel: #231 Red She-Hulk

POP! Funko – #06 Captain America (Bucky Cap)

POP! Funko, Marvel: Spider-Man Homecoming – #225 Tony Stark (Holding Helmet)


WAVE FOUR: (12th June 2017)

POP! Funko, Animation: Ren & Stimpy ‘Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy 2-pack


POP! Funko, Television: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, #507 Baxter Stockman


POP! Funko: Animation – Catdog, #221 Flocked Catdog


POP! Funko: Television – South Park, #07 The Coon


POP! Funko, Television: South Park, #06 Mint-Berry Crunch


WAVE FIVE: (14th June 2017)

POP! Funko, Movies: Wonder Woman, #197 Ares


Dorbz – Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman & Ares 2-pack


POP! Funko, Movies : Suicide Squad, #188 Joker Batman

POP! Funko, Movies: Justice League, #200 Bruce Wayne


POP! Funko, Movies – Justice League, #199 Aquaman with Motherbox


Funko, Heroes – DC Super Heroes, #144 Blue Chrome Batman (Toy Tokyo)


POP! Funko, Heroes – Batman The Animated Series, #189 Man Bat)


POP! Funko, Heroes – DC Super Heroes, #196 Interplanetary Batman


POP! Funko, Heroes – Wonder Twins, Zan, Jayna & Gleek 3-pack


Dorbz: Nightwing, Classic Nightwing & Deathstroke 2-pack


Action Figures – Red Batmobile with Green Batman (1500LE)


WAVE SIX: (16th June 2017)

POP! Television: Twin Peaks Black Lodge Cooper & Laura 2-Pack

POP! Television: Mr. Robot – #482 Masked Elliot Alderson

POP! Television: The Walking Dead – #495 T-Dog

POP! Television: Doctor Who – #496 Clara

POP! Television: The Tick – #527 The Tick (Glow-In-The-Dark)

POP! Television: Stranger Things – #475 Steve

POP! Television: Stranger Things – #476 Mr. Clarke

WAVE SEVEN: (19th June 2017)

POP! Television: The 100 – #474 Lincoln as Reaper


POP! Rides: Supernatural – #32 Baby with Dean


POP! Movies: Lord Of The Rings – Aragorn & Arwen 2-Pack


POP! Funko: Harry Potter – #31 Harry On Broom


POP! Funko: Harry Potter – #41 Luna Lovegood with Glasses


POP! Funko: Movies – Fantastic Beasts, #12 6” Occamy


WAVE EIGHT: (21st June 2017)

POP! Funko: Disney – Chip & Dale 2-Pack (Flocked)


POP! Funko: Disney – Winnie The Pooh, #288 Bouncing Tigger (Flocked)


POP! Funko: Disney – Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, #291 Mr Toad


POP! Funko: Disney – Moana, #292 Hei Hei


POP! Funko: Disneyland Resort – #258 Jolly Roger (Glow-In-The-Dark) (1000LE)


POP! Funko: Disney – Darkwing Duck, #300 Negatron (Glow-In-The-Dark)


Dorbz Ridez: Disney – #30 Aladdin & Abu with Magic Carpet



POP! Funko: Games – Sister Location, #223 Jumpscare Funtime Foxy

POP! Funko: Games – Sister Location, #224 Jumpscare Baby

POP! Funko: Games – Elder Scrolls, #222 6” Dwarven Colossus

POP! Funko: Books – Dr. Seuss, #11 Lorax (Flocked)

POP! Funko: Power Rangers, #497 6″ Megazord

POP! Funko: Masters Of The Universe – #517 Scareglow (Glow-In-The-Dark)

Dorbz Ridez: Masters Of The Universe – #21 Panthor with Battle Armor Skeletor)

Rock Candy: Masters Of The Universe – She-Ra

POP! Funko: Funko, #05 Skie-O-Shriner

WAVE TEN: FUNKO POP -UP SHOP (27th June 2017)

POP! Funko – Looney Tunes, #255 Superman Daffy Duck

POP! Funko: Looney Tunes, Mr. Hyde & Bugs Bunny 2-Pack

POP! Funko: Looney Tunes, #261 Pete Puma

POP! Funko: Duck Dodgers, #143 Marvin The Martian (Green)

POP! Funko: Duck Dodgers, #143 Marvin The Martian (Orange)

POP! Funko: Duck Dodgers, #143 Marvin The Martian (Pink)

Rock Candy: The Flintstones, Betty Rubble

Rock Candy : The Flintstones, Wilma Flintstone

Rock Candy: The Jetsons, Judy Jetson

Dorbz: Hanna-Barbera Astronauts 4-Pack

Dorbz: Looney Tunes, Bugs Bunny & Yosemite Sam ‘What’s Opera, Doc’ 2-Pack

MISCELLANEOUS WAVE: (29th June 2017)

POP! Funko: Wacky Races, #245 Rufus Ruffcut & Sawtooth

Dorbz Ridez: Wacky Races, #35 Rufus Ruffcut & Sawtooth with Buzzwagon

POP! Funko: Wacky Races, #262 Peter Perfect

Dorbz Ridez: Wacky Races, #33 Peter Perfect with Turbo

POP! Funko: Wacky Races, #246 6” Big Gruesome

POP! Funko: Scooby-Doo, Scooby-Doo (Blue, Flocked) (2500LE)

POP! Funko: Scooby-Doo, Scooby-Doo (Green, Flocked) (1000LE)

POP! Funko: Scooby-Doo, Scooby-Doo (Pink, Flocked)

Dorbz: Huckleberry Hound 8-Pack

POP! Funko: The Jetsons, Rosie The Robot 3-Pack

POP! Soda: Marvin The Martian Bottle Toppers & Strawberry Kiwi

POP! Soda: Huckleberry Hound Bottle Toppers & Blueberry Soda

POP! Tees – Marvin The Martian

POP! Tees: Huckleberry Hound & Friends

WAVE TEN: (29th June 2017)

POP! Funko: Television – Westworld, #504 Musashi

POP! Funko: Television – Westworld, #491 Robotic Dr. Ford Host

POP! Funko: Television – Game Of Thrones, #54 The Mountain (Armored)

Dorbz: Game Of Thrones, Tormund & Brienne 2-Pack (Toy Tokyo)


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