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Ahh, the information that drops while we Brits are asleep in our beds. In the early hours of Tuesday morning GMT, Comic-Con International announced, via their Toucan Blog, that Returning Registration and Open Online Badge Sales for San Diego Comic-Con 2017 will be “coming soon” – nothing too exciting there, sure, simply keeping us on tenterhooks a little longer without revealing the dates for said Sales.

However, there were some other important tidbits of information included in their update, including the announcement that they will be continuing to use the Expo Logic (formerly Epic Registration) Waiting Room and Purchase Pages system, as in previous years. Yes, you too have the opportunity to #BeTheCheerio: no in-house Badge Sale system for SDCC, it seems, as some of us suspected.

CCI also announced the prices for this years badges, all of which you can see at the link below, courtesy of the current Returning Registration page on the Comic-Con International website:


That’s a five dollar price hike over last year, except for the Sunday – with a full weekend clocking in at $220 ($265 with Preview Night). Eep! That’s mucho mucho Funkos! For a comparison, here’s the Price Chart we posted for last years Badges (with last November’s 2016 GBP conversion):

We’ll post an updated Comparison Chart for a more accurate conversion, when the actual date of the Badge Sale is revealed. You know the dance that the BSD-GBP is doing at the moment. Cheers, Brexit.

The buying process itself, seems to be a direct replica of last years, so you can familiarise yourself with the whole enchilada with the video presentation that was, er, presented last, ahem, year…

All the information required is available on the CCI website – check it out, if you really fancy getting under the hood of this thing: http://www.comic-con.org/cci/2017/returning-registration

Keep your eyes on those inboxes, this thing could happen at any moment (we’re calling it for this weekend)… and best of luck!

NOTE: This post was originally drafted by AEISD Contributor Dan Berry, just as the news broke, but I’ve come in and tinkered with it for us Brits. Full credit to Dan for the heads-up!

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