Home Con News SDCC 2017: 2nd level of confirmation for San Diego Comic-Con 2017 dates

logo - comic-con thumbnail (distressed)We’ve already reported on the rumoured dates for San Diego Comic-Con 2017, back in October of last year – with AESID contributor Dan Berry highlighting an event booking for 130,000 attendees listed in the San Diego Convention Center schedule entries: Thursday 20th July to Sunday to Sunday 23rd July, 2017.

However, it appears that we have a second level of confirmation for those dates as Smart City – the company that officiates all of the wifi and internet for the Convention Centre for its events and private attendees – are listing them as a required option for booking services in the Convention Centre.

With these services requiring a payment from clients, and all the other events of the year listed in the dropdown, I’m guessing that’s as nailed down a confirmation as we’ll get for the 2017 dates until we see it printed up in this years Quick Guide, next week.

image - SDCC 2017 (Smart City screencap)

Start booking those holidays now, I guess.

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