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Yes, the connection between San Diego Comic-Con and the Devil’s Own Spotify Playlist has always been a strong one – both camps being born of individuality and a separation from the norm, the Venn Diagram of con attendees and rock fans is particularly strong. Recent years have seen MTV holding their annual and now-infamous PARTY IN THE PARK behind Petco Stadium, featuring some of the biggest names in rock music; Kiss were seen stomping around the Exhibition Floor last summer; and Metallica hosted their own panel in Hall H back in 2014, as well as playing a live shows at the San Diego House Of Blues.

2016 sees more of the same as a more veteran metal act hit SDCC this July: the legendary Slayer will be found at a few places around town over the course of the convention. Rock music website blabbermouth.net are reporting on the band’s plans for SDCC, including some unusual off-site events.


First up, however, will be a special live performance at the afore-mentioned House Of Blues, an intimate venue – with only an 800 person capacity – meaning fans will be very much up close and personal with their favorite lords of heavy metal. Tickets go on sale to the General Public on Friday, 20th May at 6pm GMT (10am PT, 1pm ET) and you can buy them HERE, at the Live Nation website. (There’s word of an advance pre-sale taking place sooner – the second we hear of any details, we’ll pass them along.)

Said the band guitarist, Kerry King, “Comic-Con?!? I can’t believe they are gonna let us shred the House Of Blues San Diego!! It will definitely be a night of fury and intensity that the city won’t soon forget. We will be coming off a seven-week European run, so SLAYER‘s guns will be blazing!”

Then, when the Con properly gets underway, fans will have the opportunity to to meet the band at a number of exclusive booth signings: Dark Horse Comics (found at #2615) will be hosting the band on the Friday 22nd July, as promotion of a new Slayer brand comic, and also Nuclear Blast Records have a booth at the con (#501) which the band will be appearing at – times and days to be confirmed.

SLAYER To Take Over COMIC-CON 2016

image credit: blabbermouth.net

That latter stand will also be the home for a display of a number of the Slayer-branded BMX bikes – the CRADLE TO GRAVE four-bike collection – produced in partnership with Subrosa: the Slayer Balance, Slayer 20, Slayer 26, and the Slayer Urban Terrain Bike. All of the bikes are intended for riders to “use and abuse,” the news of which will, I’m sure, will thrill their mothers no end.

Slayer‘s Tom Araya: “My brother, my friends and I used to ride bikes in the early seventies, We built a figure-eight track with ramps in my backyard where we would race and crash into each other. It was a precursor to BMX. We would go around the neighborhood to collect bikes that people had thrown away to salvage them, so it’s cool to see Subrosa building a line of SLAYER bikes.”

The entire Subrosa/Slayer CRADLE TO GRAVE collection will be available worldwide in October.

The band might find themselves elsewhere around the city during the convention – if they’re spotted, we’ll share on our social media, such as our Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Eyes and ears open, metalheads!

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  1. What the hell does Slayer have to do with a media con? I wish the security department all the best as they try to control the crowd of metal head fan boys from disturbing the rest of the attendees.

    • Not going to disagree on this one – it is a spectacular oddity that they’re there. But, in the other column, Kiss were a SDCC mainstay since the ’70s and nobody blinked an eyelid back then. Hmmmm…

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