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logo - our cup o' teaAs my own Missus will attest, one of her favourite elements of Preview Night is lining up early and being front and centre at the head of the P.N. lineup, part of that initial batch to stream down the escalators above Hall H or the stairs from Sails Pavilion, hitting the Exhibition Floor as one of the first attendees in the room for San Diego Comic-Con.

(Caroline also occupies her time by being quite the industrious type, acting as a one-person WB bag swap maniac, in those hours leading up to the doors opening – there are many out there that will know of her efforts to get everyone the bags they’re after! This has been been a tradition of hers for the last six years running!)

Caroline, Preview Night - you don't get more 'front and centre' than that!

Caroline, Preview Night – you don’t get more ‘front and centre’ than that!

However, in 2016, it looks like she – and many other international attendees – will be out of luck to be close to the head of the Preview Night lines, possibly even getting into those lines at all.

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As confirmed by Comic-Con International‘s Director Of Marketing & Public Relations, David Glanzer on our Cup O’ Tea Incidental Episode interview yesterday, the ‘day before’ badge collection period for international attendees – as listed on the Badge Collection Toucan Blog post – refers to Day 1 proper of SDCC 2016, Thursday 21st July, and NOT Preview Night. International Attendees will have to collect their badges from the Pacific Ballroom of the new Marriott Marquis & Marina Hotel Expansion at 3pm PT, by which point many US attendees will have filed into the Convention Center, collected their bags and lanyards, and lined up already.

This means that by the time International Attendees have got their hands on their SDCC badges, they will be at the back of the lines formed already. This is most certainly be the case for the majority of International Attendees for, while the doors will open for badge collection at 3pm, it will take some time to process them all and then make their way over to Sails.

image credit: Comic-Con International

image credit: Comic-Con International

This means, the only the two options for an International Attendee on Preview Night will be:

1. make friends with an ‘Merican line buddy to help you save a spot

or, 2. find a half decent pub downtown (may I recommend The Field on 5th Avenue) and while away your time there until the Convention Centre doors open for general attendees.

Certainly, if your intention is to try for any exclusives up for grabs on Preview Night, option #1 will be literally your only course of action. A shame – and something that could’ve been solved by opening up International Badge Collection only a few hours earlier, perhaps in the morning.

[sigh] Still, more pub time, right?

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  1. When they used do badge pickup at Town & Country in Mission Valley, that always opened up much earlier than the schedule badge pick up time. Badge pickup was schedule for 3:00 pm but they always opened up at Noon

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