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logo - comic-con (distressed)After much speculation and educated guesswork, Comic-Con International have put everybody out of their misery by announcing which date ‘sometime in November’ will be the first opportunity for the general public to begin landing those ‘golden tickets’ for next years San Diego Comic-Con… And it’s this Saturday, the 8th November at 5pm in the afternoon, GMT!

That’s 9am on the West Coast and midday on the East, for our American brethren – a nice bit of controlled chaos and stress to look forward to for the weekend, right? Lovely. Well, at least it gets it all out of the way. And sooner than we speculated on the Cup O’ Tea… hangout, too, so bang goes our reputation for psychic powers! At least the Friends Of CCI Forum got it right! A poll of the readers of the site called it for the 8th so somebody on there has won the pool on this thing.
Emails from Comic-Con International started going out at half past ten in the evening on Tuesday 4th (GMT), which is at least a day earlier than in previous sales, giving last years attendees, planning on making the journey to San Diego next July, plenty of time to clear any schedules and get themselves all prepped for Saturday’s sale. 

Comic-Con 2015 Attendee Pre-Registration Date: Saturday, November 8

Comic-Con International 2015 Attendee Badge Preregistration will begin shortly after 9:00 AM Pacific Time (PT) on Saturday, November 8, 2014.To participate in Attendee Preregistration, we strongly encourage you to read the instructions at: http://www.comic-con.org/cci/2015/2015-attendee-preregistration 

You will need your Comic-Con 2014 Badge ID, your Member ID, last name, and credit card information. You can access your badge ID by logging in to your Member ID account and clicking the “Registration Info” tab. We recommend that you do this well in advance of the sale.

You will be able to enter the EPIC Registration waiting room starting at 7:00 AM PT on Saturday, November 8. The link to enter the waiting room will be sent to you via email at least 24 hours prior to the start of the sale. Remember, there is no need to rush to the waiting room at 7:00 AM! Attendees may enter anytime between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM. Once inside the waiting room, you will be selected randomly for a registration session after 9:00 AM. Your arrival time does not give you an advantage. The waiting room will close to new entrants at 9:00 AM PT sharp.

We suggest you add do-not-reply@comic-con.org and registration@epicreg.com as an approved/authorized sender to your email account.

For important Attendee Preregistration technical information, please read Toucan, the Official Blog of Comic-Con International and WonderCon Anaheim.

Please keep in mind that not all eligible attendees will be able to purchase a badge during preregistration. There are more eligible attendees than badges available. You can increase your chances of obtaining a badge by reading all of the instructions carefully and having your personal information ready on the day of the sale. If you are unable to acquire a badge during preregistration, an additional sale to the general public will be held at a later date.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you in July!

Comic-Con International

A follow-up series of email notifications then reminded prospective attendees to check in with the Toucan Blog for a series of technical tips on how best to navigate the Badge Sale, alongside an explanation of how the Sale will transpire: very similar to the 2013 Pre-Reg Sale, with one or two minor alterations. 

• Your browser should have JavaScript and cookies enabled to function reliably with the EPIC waiting room. These features are usually enabled in the default configuration of most modern web browsers. Please click here to test your browser. (link is external)

The EPIC online badge registration system is not formatted for iPad or mobile devices. Although mobile devices have been tested and can be used to purchase a badge during preregistration, Comic-Con is unable to guarantee that the registration system will behave as expected using a mobile device.

• The EPIC online badge registration system has been tested on the following browsers. We cannot guarantee your results should you use a browser not listed here.

    • Firefox: Any Version
    • Google Chrome: Any Version
    • Internet Explorer: Version 8 or later
    • Safari: Any Version

• Make sure your computer’s power saving settings are off or adjust them if needed. You don’t want your computer to power down or go to sleep while you’re in the waiting room.

• Do not use “Private Browsing” during your waiting room or registration session. Some private browsing applications disable cookies and can cause major technical issues.

• Attempting to purchase badges using multiple browser tabs can confuse the badge sales process and cause your transaction to fail. Only use one browser tab or instance when trying to purchase badges. If you are a family with multiple badge IDs, be sure to use a separate browser to enter each ID.

• Each badge ID is good for one entry into the EPIC Registration waiting room. If you share your badge ID with another person or attempt to enter your badge ID on multiple devices or browsers, the new device/browser will be authorized and your old session will expire.

• There is only one important thing to remember about the EPIC waiting room: don’t refresh! The waiting room will automatically refresh every 120 seconds.

• It is critical that you do not use your browser’s back button during any step of your registration session! Using the back button at any point during the registration process could potentially cause the system to error out or release your badges back into inventory.

CCI are planning to post another update on the Toucan Blog this Thursday with further tips for the Sale. Here’s the Orientation video that was released last year, to allow you to familiarise yourself with the basic layouts of the forms: 

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