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icon - hasbro logoWhile a couple of people are getting just a little wound up by the lack of information about this years San Diego Comic-Con, re: this years panels and exclusives. it good to know that, behind the scenes, the massive engine which is SDCC 2015 is starting to stir into motion, with panel allocations being rolled out to applicants as of last Monday (11th May 2015).

The smaller panel applicants are being advised to keep the news of their panels under wraps, subject to movement and changes in plans. The bigger companies, though, are being pretty much set in place to start planning for guest timetables and scheduling. I’m sure that they are being told they can release information now at their own discretion – and one such company that is taking the initiative to roll out their panels is one of the mainstays of the SDCC schedule: Hasbro.

On their Twitter, they have announced a whole slew of panels, covering Transformers, Star Wars and Marvel – oh, and My Little Pony, can’t forget those.

Indeed! No word yet on what the full line-up of exclusives will be – although we already know that one of them will be the $99.99 G.I. JOE ‘CRIMSON STRIKE’ Set – all we can say is ‘Watch this space’.

What do you think? Panels here you plan on lining up for? Let us know which of these tickle your fancy in the comments below.

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