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logo - comic-con thumbnail (distressed)Preparations of attendees for this years San Diego Comic-Con have one final hurdle to conquer: where to lay their heads at the end of a frantic day, exploring the many sights and sounds of the con. And the good news is, we now have a confirmed date from Travel Planners (the company that adminstrates the allocated hotel rooms for CCI) for this years General Hotel Sale – it’s this Tuesday, the 24th March 2015 at 4pm GMT (9am PT / 12 Midday ET)!

The date of this sale has been doing the rounds already – scooped by blogger Travis McIntyer, all the way back in January, and corrobrated by The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog – but this is the confirmed announced date as provided by Comic-Con International and Travel Planners, and revealed on their Toucan Blog.

This timing is going to be slightly awkward for us Brits, having to rush home in the middle of the day to dive in, but, in the plus column, the expected price hike on the hotel rooms isn’t as back-breaking as possibly anticipated. (I mean, they’re still mind-numbingly ridiculous but they’re not as bad as what the hotels would like to charge you, directly!) Compared to the 2014 prices, you’re looking at movement of anything from $10 to $20 dollars – we can live with that, yeah?

As usual, here at An Englishman in San Diego, we’ve done some heavy lifting for you here, with the list of the hotels up for grabs, along with a GBP conversion to give you a guide to what those U.S. prices equate to – remember, these aren’t official nailed down prices supplied by CCI/Travel Planners, but taken from todays conversion rate on XE.com ($1 = £0.668807, 10am Saturday 21st March) and rounded to the nearest pound equivilent.


image - SDCC 2015 (general hotel sale list 01 airport, coronado, downtown a)image - SDCC 2015 (general hotel sale list 02 downtown b)image - SDCC 2015 (general hotel sale list 03 downtown c)image - SDCC 2015 (general hotel sale list 04 mission bay, mission valley, old town, shelter island)

(Couple of notes on these prices: the form supplied by CCI state that the above rates are what the rooms start at. Also, when it comes to the rate for 2 Adults/2 Beds, the hotel cannot guarantee to supply two beds. Hey, don’t look at us.)

The proceedure for taking part in the Sale is as follows:

  • All Badge Holders with a valid Member ID will receive an email 48 hours before the Sale is due to begin, containing a link to the Travel Planners Reservation website. You’ll need that link and it’ll become active at 4pm GMT (9am Pacific Time / 12 Midday Eastern Time) (The link will also be made available on the CCI Hotels page of their website, agin 48 hours before the Sale begins.)
  • On entering the Reservation Page, you will be asked to select SIX hotel choices, in order of preference. The CCI guide page insists that you must make six choices: in the past, you could expediate the process by just selecting a couple and moving through the form quickly – no more. Study the hotel list above carefully and choose wisely.
  • Once you’ve submitted your choices, Travel Planners then take those away, allocate the rooms (we assume by ‘first come first served’ or by some wonderful algorithm which looks at your choices and assigns by preferencee of location) and then get back to you once the Sorting Hat has worked its magic.

As the CCI website reminds you, ‘There are over 130,000 attendees at Comic-Con and only so many hotel rooms downtown and in the greater San Diego area. Odds are you’re NOT going to get what you want right off the bat.’ Hence the #Hotelpocalypse hashtag – it can become a bit stressful as to whether you’ll bag that one hotel you’d like to stay at. But, with the 24hr Shuttle Service provided free of charge for SDCC attendees, don’t be too upset if the hotel you’re allocated isn’t the one you have your heart set on: just be incredibly grateful you land anything at all.

And, of course, you can duck out of all this madness and make sure of a bed by taking part in the Early Bird Hotel Sale which takes all the guessing and anticipation out of the equation. But, if you’re feeling lucky and thinking of diving into the fray, may we wish all the best of luck on Tuesday!


We’ll be watching the proceedings carefully and will let you know how the whole she-bang goes down – follow us on Twitter for live updates.


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