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logo - comic-con (distressed)Acclaimed comic book writer/artist Bob Layton and fantasy sci/fi author A. Lee Martinez have confirmed, via their individual Twitter accounts, their invitations to be featured Special Guests at San Diego Comic-Con 2015, writes The SDCC Unofficial Blog.

These announcements mark the first creatives to confirm their names on the guestlist for next years event and demonstrates that, while CCI may be full steam ahead for their next big date in the calendar – the APE (Alternative Press Expo), taking place at the beginning of October – in the back offices, the busy little bees are already negotiating for the tentpole event next July.

Bob Layton (photo credit: 5of7, Flickr)

Bob Layton, co-founder of Valiant Comics and veteran artist/writer for many companies, such as DC and Marvel Comics (Layton was part of the collaboration that created the iconic Tony Stark/Iron Man stories of the late 70’s/early 80’s, including ‘Demon In A Bottle) made light of the invite, considering his long-standing, illustrious career in the industry: 

A. Lee Maetinez (image credit, midamerican.org)

…while award-winning American sci-fi and fantasy writer A. Lee Martinez took the news of the invite with trademark good humour and level-headed humility.

When we at An Englishman In San Diego suggested that this news pushed the SDCC coverage timetable even earlier than usual…

Expect to see a charming pic of both Layton and Martinez, along with a tasty parapgraph or two, at the front of next years Souvenir Guide – not quite sure how CCI are going to top that incredible 2014 Jim Lee cover but I’m sure they’ll think of something (hopefully, something not Marvel or DC themed…).

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