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logo - comic-con (distressed)Comic-Con International have posted on their Toucan Blog a post reminding all would-be returning San Diego Comic-Con attendees of the Wednesday 15th October deadline to validate their Member ID accounts for eligibility to take part in the impending Pre-Registration Badge Sale.

At the time of writing this blogpost, that deadline is exactly TWENTY-FOUR HOURS away – yes, for us UK attendees, this means that the window to validate your Member ID account closes on Thursday 16th October at 1.30am (5.30pm PST / 8.30pm EST, Wednesday 15th October) – this is the first hurdle for anyone wanting to attend the 9th-12th July event and is mandatory if you want to participate in this initial badge sale.

If you experienced the bedlam of SDCC 2014 and are determined to ‘dance into the fire’ once more, but you haven’t validated your Member ID yet, head to that souvenir draw, dig out that badge and skip over to your Member ID page – the clock is ticking…

From the CCI Toucan Blog page (posted 18:50 GMT, October 14th):

Comic-Con 2014 Badge ID Validation Closes Tomorrow!

Don’t forget, tomorrow is your last chance to validate your Comic-Con 2014 Badge ID for Attendee Preregistration eligibility!

The Comic-Con Member ID system will close badge ID validation at 5:30 PM Pacific Time on October 15, 2014. If you attended Comic-Con 2014 as a paid attendee and would like to participate in Comic-Con 2015 Attendee Preregistration, you must validate your badge ID before the deadline tomorrow. To validate your Comic-Con 2014 Badge ID, simply log in to your Member ID account, click the “Registration Info” tab, and follow the simple instructions. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email and your status will be changed to “eligible.” For more information on Comic-Con 2015 Attendee Preregistration, please click here.

If you did not attend Comic-Con 2014, you will have an opportunity to participate in Open Online Registration at a later date.

Not all badges are sold during Attendee Preregistration. All you need to participate is a valid and confirmed Comic-Con Member ID. For information on Open Online Registration requirements, click here to visit our Purchase Badges page.

Professionals, guests of professionals, exhibitors, exhibitor purchased attendee badges, volunteers, staff, and press are not eligible to participate in Attendee Preregistration. No action is required at this time.

Source: Comic-Con International

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