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logo - comic-con thumbnail (distressed)Yay! Skottie Young! Boy, have I got a pile of books of his I want signing this year…

“We’re still going strong with [San Diego] Comic-Con 2015 special guests! In fact, we’ll be continuing into May with our announcements, so please stay tuned. So far we’ve announced the following 50 guests for this year’s event: David Aja, Lalo Alcaraz, Sergio Aragonés, Franco Aureliani, Peter Bagge, Art Baltazar, Jerry Beck, Allie Brosh, Michael Cho, Katie Cook, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Michael DeForge, Mark Evanier, Carlos Ezquerra, Matt Fraction, Lev Grossman, Tom Grummett, Asaf Hanuka, Hugh Howey, Reginald Hudlin, Matthew Inman, Lora Innes, Chip Kidd, Denis Kitchen, Boaz Lavie, Bob Layton, Jim Lee, Paul Levitz, Steve Lieber, A. Lee Martinez, Scott McCloud, Matt Phelan, Ed Piskor, Jimmie Robinson, Dave Roman, Rainbow Rowell, Luis Royo, Sara Ryan, Jen Sorensen, Richard Starkings, Eric Stephenson, William Stout, Jillian Tamaki, Mariko Tamaki, Raina Telgemeirer, Jill Thompson, Jhonen Vasquez, Bernie Wrightson, Craig Yoe, and Chip Zdarsky!

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The five artists added to the roster today are:
Greg Capullo
GREG CAPULLO (artist: Batman, Spawn, The Creech)
Greg Capullo is the artist on the New York Times best-selling DC Comic Batman. He also brought you Quasar, X-Force, Haunt, Spawn, and his creator-owned feature, The Creech. In addition, Greg has provided art for Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft as well as for various recording artists, including Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, Korn, and Iced Earth.
Tony Harris
TONY HARRIS (artist: Starman, Ex Machina)
Nineteen-time nominee and two-time winner of the Will Eisner Comics Industry Award, Tony Harris began his professional career as an illustrator at the age of 19, self-publishing B.L.A.D.E. through his own label Buccaneer Publications. Tony moved on to co-create books such as Starman, Ex Machina, and Obergeist with James Robinson, Brian K. Vaughan, and Dan Jolley, as well as illustrating fan favorite minis such as Doctor Strange: The Flight Of Bones, JSA: The Liberty File, and its Eisner Award–nominated sequel, JSA: The Unholy Three (all with Dan Jolley). Tony is celebrating his 25th year as a working illustrator, as well as the 20th and 10th anniversaries of Starman and Ex Machina, respectively. He is currently a prolific cover illustrator and is developing his long-awaited creator-owned book, Roundeye: For Love, with Starman co-creator James Robinson, which reunites the pair after twenty-plus years!
Jeff Smith
JEFF SMITH (cartoonist: Bone, RASL, Tuki Save The Humans)
Jeff Smith is known best as the creator of Bone. Smith spearheaded a new era of independent comics publishing in the early 1990s when he joined the self-publishing movement. Now published in 23 languages, Bone has won awards around the world, including 10 Eisner Awards and 11 Harveys. In 2005, Bone, in full color for the first time, was chosen to launch Graphix, an imprint of Scholastic Books, putting comics back into the hands of millions of children.

In 2008, Smith began the Tesla-inspired science fiction series RASL. It was published as a single New York Times bestselling hardcover in 2013 by Smith’s own Cartoon Books and won the Eisner Award for Best Graphic Novel–Reprint in 2014.

Smith’s webcomic about the first human to leave Africa 2,000,000 years ago, Tuki Save the Humans (at Boneville.com (link is external)), won the 2014 National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award for Best Online Comic.
Maggie Thompson
MAGGIE THOMPSON (writer, editor, comics historian)
Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award winner Maggie Thompson began collecting comic books before she was 5 years old and began co-editing the pioneering fanzine Comic Art with Don Thompson when she was 18. She continues collecting, writing, and editing in the course of a career that includes 30 years of editing Comics Buyer’s Guide and a variety of other comics-oriented projects, including a monthly contribution to Comic-Con’s Toucan blog, a weekly post for Diamond Comic Distributors’ Scoop newsletter, and maintenance of her own www.maggiethompson.com website.
Skottie Young
SKOTTIE YOUNG (writer/cartoonist: Oz Books, Rocket Raccoon, I Hate Fairyland)
Skottie Young is an award-winning writer, illustrator and cartoonist whose work has topped the New York Times bestseller list and drawn acclaim worldwide for his unique art style and stories. For nearly 15 years he has illustrated and written fan-favorite characters, including Spider-Man, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, the X-Men, and many more. Skottie illustrated six graphic novels adapting (with Eric Shanower) the Oz books by L. Frank Baum, winning multiple Eisner Awards, including one for Best Penciler/Inker. Most recently, Skottie wrote and illustrated the series Rocket Raccoon for Marvel. Having done over 100 covers in 2 years, he has put his stamp on nearly ever character Marvel has in their catalog. He is currently writing and illustrating his own series, I Hate Fairyland, for Image Comics, due out this fall.

Profiles from the Special Guest page of the CCI website:

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