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logo - comic-con thumbnail (distressed)Yes, it’s back – Comic-Con International‘s annual series of helpful tips and tricks to make the most out of your San Diego visit: the Toucan Blog Tips Of The Day!

The task of tackling the nerdvana which is San Diego Comic-Con can be a daunting one – any useful information can help in making the trip all the more enjoyable. Preparation is key. And so, every day between now and SDCC 2015, CCI will be posting useful nuggets of information, tips and tricks to navigate the vastness of the event – these will include tips such as essential Bus Shuttle info, city discounts and badge collection updates. As always, we’ll be updating this page as the Tips are released as an essential resource: Bookmark this page and keep checking back each day for a new useful tip.

“…let’s talk planning. Whether you’re a local resident or coming in from somewhere around the country—or the world (we’re not called “International” for nothing!)—there are some basic things you should plan on bringing. Some of these are givens, but we’ll mention them anyway, for the sake of completion (you know how us collectors are!). Here’s our list of the top 20 things to consider bringing along; your list may vary!”

“We’ve posted the Comic-Con International 2015 Shuttle Schedule and Route/Stops Map, revealing the times, locations, and frequency of our fleet of FREE shuttle buses journeying to and from the Convention Center. This year’s schedule starts on Wednesday, July 8 at 3:00 PM and runs on that day until 12:00 AM. Beginning Thursday, July 9 at 4:30 AM, the shuttles run continuously (but with varying frequency) until Sunday, July 12 at 7:00 PM! These buses are your friends, taking you to your hotel or near where you parked. They’re particularly handy when you walk out of Comic-Con loaded down with all that great stuff you bought or picked up for free! The buses load up on the front walk of the Convention Center (depending on time of day and area serviced)…”

“The Comic-Con International Exhibit Hall is a vast and magical place and now you can thoroughly explore it! We’ve posted the official 2015 map (all 460,000 square feet of it) and you can download a handy PDF of it or view it online on our Issuu feature. Our complete lists of Exhibitors, Artists’ Alley, Small Press Pavilion, and Fan Tables have also been posted, so now you can see where your favorite exhibitors are located and plan where you’re heading once you hit the Exhibit Hall during Comic-Con 2015!…”

“The only REAL Comic-Con International 2015 Badge is one purchased directly from us. Do not fall for scammers, fake badges, and vendors claiming to have badges for sale. Read this Tip of the Day for complete info on how to avoid being scammed!…”

“Pre-ordering for our 2015 Comic-Con International T-shirts is now open! You must have a Comic-Con 2015 badge to pick up your shirts … no mail orders!…”

It’s a year later and here we are again … let’s review some new things in and around the San Diego area, shall we?…”

“While you’re at Comic-Con, you’re also in one of the country’s most beautiful cities! Get out and enjoy the San Diego sun, summer, and incredible geographical beauty!…”

“Our first group of Comic-Con International 2015 Exclusives is now online! You can click here to see them, but keep in mind this list of exclusive items appearing at Comic-Con 2015 is not all-inclusive and will be added to as we continue to get closer to the big event. Get that want list started now, and use our Exhibitor Lists and Exhibit Hall map to figure out where all the exclusives you want are located. Happy hunting!

You can now sign up for our 2015 edition of Comic Creator Connection, the program that pairs writers and artists up as prospective collaborators. This year’s CCC (on Thursday and Sunday) moves out of the Convention Center to the Santa Rosa Room in the Marriott Marquis and Marina Hotel, right next door to Hall A (just take the walkway next to the Center back to the Marriott entrance; the Santa Rosa Room is right there next to the escalator). You can sign up in advance by clicking here to visit the CCC page, which also includes complete info on how the CCC works. Looking for a collaborator for that great story you want to tell? This may be your big chance!”

“It seems like every year Comic-Con International grows a bit more. This year there’s another new addition to what we like to call the “Comic-Con Campus,” a group of downtown programming venues that are outside of the Convention Center. We’ve put together a handy-dandy  map to show you where they all are in relationship to the mothership: the San Diego Convention Center.

“Every year brings change, and this year is no exception … in today’s Toucan Tip, we run down the changes and additions for Comic-Con 2015.

“First rule of Comic-Con: have fun. Second rule of Comic-Con: we have some rules that help everyone have fun. As technology changes, so do those rules, and this year we have a few new ones that are important to know and understand in advance…”

“We know your time at Comic-Con International is bound to be busy, but if you can, reserve an hour or so and help save lives by the simple act of donating blood as part of our annual Comic-Con International/Robert A. Heinlein Blood Drive. The Robert A. Heinlein Blood Drive began at San Diego Comic-Con back in 1977. That first year, 148 pints of blood were collected, and as the convention has grown so has our blood drive. Over the past 37 years, we’ve collected 13,985 pints of blood from Comic-Con attendees, with 1,403 pints alone collected last year! You can schedule an appointment NOW by clicking here to visit our Blood Drive page and booking in advance for whichever day is best for you. Blood Drive participants also get goodie bags, plus are entered into daily drawings for some fantastic prizes. Take a few moments to give the gift of life at Comic-Con 2015!

Our complete 2015 schedule of film screenings and panels for the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival (CCI-IFF) is now online! The Film Festival room has moved to the Manchester Grand Hyatt (in the Hyatt Grand D Ballroom, on the lobby level of the South Tower), but don’t let that stop you from seeing some of the best genre-related indy films out there! The CCI-IFF offers a complete schedule of film screenings all 4 days (and evenings on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) of Comic-Con, including the ever-popular Comic-Con Film School first thing every morning, plus daily panels featuring fascinating film production-related topics. Click here to visit the CCI-IFF page and read the complete schedule of film screenings and events! You can also see who the 2015 judges are!”

“It’s the one of the most important questions of the day: where are we going to eat? We’ve got you covered with our 2015 Restaurant Guide, featuring places to go within walking distance of the Convention Center!…”

Read the Guide here: http://issuu.com/comic-con/docs/cci2015_restaurantguide/1

“This year, Comic-Con is turning the spotlight on some of the people who make comics in a special theme that crosses over from our 2015 Souvenir Book to panels during the show. The Craft of Comics highlights 7 popular creators from various areas of comic book production. They talk about how they make comics their own way and how they collaborate with artists, letterers, colorists, designers, and editors to produce their monthly magic…”

“Your most important Comic-Con accessory: YOUR BADGE! Wear it always, even when going to dinner (there might be discounts and special deals), and keep it after Comic-Con is over … you’ll need your physical badge to be eligible for 2016 Attendee Preregistration!…”

“There’s a ton of fun outside the Convention Center this year, as Comic-Con spreads to even more of downtown! Here’s a list of some of the things you’ll find around downtown San Diego…”

“We know you’ve been waiting patiently for the Comic-Con 2015 Programming Schedule, and it’s coming … we promise! But before we reveal four amazing days of magic, let’s review some info on attending programs at the big event…”

“The Wednesday and Thursday Program Schedules are LIVE! Plus, a friendly reminder of the newest addition to our Comic-Con Campus of programming rooms, the San Diego Central Library…”

“Here we go, Friday, here we go! (Okay … that’s the last time we’ll do that, we promise). The Friday Program Schedule is here…”

“It’s Saturday and that means it’s time for the Comic-Con International 2015 Saturday Program Schedule! Plus … remember the Playback Room at the Omni last year? It’s back again this year, rebroadcasting Hall H and Ballroom 20 panels on Thursday through Sunday!…”

“Sunday … you complete me. With the addition of today’s Sunday programs, the complete Comic-Con 2015 Program Schedule is now online! Plus … don’t forget to use our MySchedule feature to track the programs you want to see!…”

“Information regarding how to line-up for Hall H Programs…”

“The Toucan Tracker Wristbands are back for the first panel of the day in Hall H! Read all about how they work and how to get them…”

“After an almost 5-year relationship, the Events Guide and the Quick Guide have decided to go their separate ways … look for them both when you pick up your badge…”

“We’ve updated all of our schedules (Anime, Autographs, Children’s Film Festival, Films, Games, and Portfolio Review) and posted pages for all the programming rooms in our Comic-Con Campus…”

“The 2015 Quick Guide is here! Check out our complete 54-page publication online, which includes maps, programming grids, and much more…”

“Coming to Comic-Con in costume? If it includes a weapon of any kind – guns, bazookas, cannons, knives, swords, bow and arrows, just as an example – you’ll have to get it inspected and tagged at Costume Weapons Check Desk!…”

“We don’t want to sound like a broken record, but the weather mantra for the next week? “Partly cloudy, low 70’s” can be repeated again and again and again…!”

“We’re almost there… But before we compete this year’s round of Toucan Tips, let’s refiew a bit, shall we, to get you ready for Comic-Con 2015!”

“The end of the road as Comic-Con 2015 is almost finally here! Now it’s in your hands… Make the most of your Comic-Con experience!”

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