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logo - comic-con thumbnail (distressed)SDCC 2015: Comic-Con Exclusives List Released; Comic Creator Program details unveiled

Now this is a strange one. Considering that San Diego Comic-Con is twenty-two days away, and CCI are no doubt on planning a Toucan Blog Tip Of The Day every day between now and then, it seems odd that they would double-team these tow topics into one post, especially as one will most certainly be the head-liner: the SDCC 2015 Exclusives List.

However, we can only presume that, with applications for the exciting program that pairs up writers and artists for future collaborations – the Comic Creator Connection – opening today, it’s more a case of coincidental timing… And even CCI recognise that collectors don’t want to wait one more second to see the booty up for grabs at this years event.

And what a mindboggling array of items that Exclusives List is! From Star Wars Jazz Tribute CD’s (Geekdom Wear, #833), to a George R.R. Martin Talking Plush (Factory Entertainment, #2647) to a San Diego Public Library Card (San Diego Public Library, #2517 – yeah, safe to say us Brits aren’t going to get much mileage out of that one!), it truly is a random collection of swag that you will ONLY be able to buy at the Convention.

These also include a bunch of Funko POP! vinyl bobbleheads which are being sold only at the Fugitive Toys booth (#601); now, to be placed on this list, the companies must agree that the exclusives in question can be bought during the opening times of San Diego Comic-Con only but it will be interesting to see if, a) any of these will remain by the close of day, Sunday afternoon, and b) whether they’ll show up on the FT website come Monday morning. Either way, if you’re a DC/Funko fan, they may be Must Have Items to have on your shopping list. Just a heads-up for you there.

For our money, highlights that have attracted our attention include a very tasty pair of Kieron Gillan-related exclusives on the Avatar Press booth (#2701), including a Raulo Caceres variant cover on Gillan’s first issue on Crossed: Badlands and a stunning Michael DiPascale exclusive cover for Uber #25: Brickhouse, both of which should get everyone’s attention. Very nice.

The Comic Creator Connection, sponsored by comiXology, puts creatives together in a neutral environment to hopefully encourage future collaborations: participants sit down over the course of two 2-hour sessions, for five minute periods, and see if they click – essentially, speed-dating for artists and writers.  It sounds fascinating and I’d love to be a fly on the wall for these first interactions… But that also sounds a little like I would be the third wheel on a first date. Awk-waaaaaaaaard! 

The slots to take part in this are open now and you can find out more at the dedicated page on the CCI website: if you are thinking of signing up, best of luck to you, make sure you brush your teeth beforehand and don’t keep mentioning how good your ex was for you because that never goes down well on a first date.


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