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icon - ace parking logo thumbnailIt began with a tweet from ACE Parkingposted rather naively directly to the Comic-Con International official Twitter account – in other words, if you weren’t following both accounts on the tweets, you would have missed it: an announcement that ACE intended to shake-up of the process by which attendees would be able to land those prized four-day parking spots during this July’s event.

Thankfully, with due dilligence by various websites and bloggers, the news was spread far and wide (we re-tweeted the news ourselves as soon as we heard it last night). ACE Parking, in an attempt to avoid the massive overload of traffic that the website has suffered over the last few years, will be implementing a lottery system with spaces going to those randomly selected from a drawing, taking place in a months time after a submission deadline of Sunday 12th April.

Simply put, if you’re wanting to be entered for the draw, send an email to ACE Parking at cci2015@aceparking.com, requesting to be entered for the draw. Your details are then entered into the virtual top-hat and, if’ you’re luckily selected, that’s it, you’re guaranteed a spot in the ACE Parking locations for all or as many of the four days of the Con: Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th July.

The lots will filled, in order, from these sites around Downtown:

Don’t worry if you’re not selected for these sites: they are concidered the prestige sites and therefore the ones being allocated to this lottery system. Once these have been filled, and successful applicants have received word by Wednesday 15th April, the other lots around the city will be opened in a public sale to take place shortly after.

Now, obviously, all sorts of things can change and alter between now and the random selction process – indeed, life has a delightful way of interupting all the way up to the doors opening at the Convention Center. So, to that end, ACE have decided that the best way to keep attendees in the loop is to co-ordinate with those in the know:

Kerry Dixon, editor of the SDCC Blog has been in touch to say that whoever was manning the ACE Twitter account clearly meant Comic-Con International – a small mis-step on ACE’s part there! So, we’ll be doing our best to keep our eyes and ears open and, as soon as either of them announces anything, we’ll share where we can. In the meantime, don’t forget: ACE aren’t accepting entries by phone, writing, mental telepathy or owl so you need to step to, everybody, and fire off those emails! And we wish you the very best of luck!

image: San Diego Reader

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