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logo - comic-con (distressed)John Barrowman – the irascible Capt. Jack Harkness in Doctor Who/Torchwood, Malcolm Merlyn in Arrow and long-time SDCC fan and attendee – has confirmed that he will be appearing at San Diego Comic-Con 2014… but, and I’m sorry to tell you this, Team Barrowman: it’s only going to be for a flying visit.

In a radio interview with Joff Hopkins on Anglian Radio to broadcast tomorrow evening (Thursday 3rd July), Barrowman explains that he will, indeed, be taking part in the Arrow portion of the epic Warner Bros./DC Saturday Event where fans will be able to see footage from the forthcoming third season, as well as seeing cast members on stage.

image - arrow (season finale scene, stephen amell and john barrowman)

However, filming for this season is still very much underway and so he will not be able to stick around to enjoy the rest of the Con or, indeed, join in other activities during the weekend. (So, that’s a no-show for appearing on stage at Nerdist Live with good friends Chris Hardwick, then – unless he decides to make a late night of it. Not completely out of the question!)

The interview will be broadcast after 7pm GMT on Dream 100/North Norfolk Radio/Town 102/Norwich 99.9/The Beach – you know what John’s like so it should be a cracking listen. (Just without the swears. And the heavy handed innuendo. Well, maybe a little.)

Thanks to Mark Searby for the heads-up for this exclusive.

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