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Eligible potential attendees to San Diego Comic-Con 2014, having made the pilgrimage to that nerd Mecca last July, will be the first guinea-pigs to test-drive CCI and EPIC Registration’s updated Waiting Room – with its new random session selection process – when the first Pre-Registration Badge Sale takes place, this Saturday 8th February at 5pm GMT (9am PST)!

This Sale will be the template for all future Sales in 2014; understandably, after all the technical hitches in previous years, a lot of attention will be placed on how stable the whole process will be. New changes, implemented since last years ‘frozen green rabbit’ screen, including a two-hour window in which attendees can enter a unique Registration Code emailed to them 48 hours previously, will hopefully combat the pressures piled on EPIC’s servers in the past.

At some point this week, approx 48 hours before Saturday’s Badge Sale, emails will start arriving in prospective attendees inbox’s with this Code (although, reports are coming in that visiting their Member ID page will already list this code). On Saturday 8th February at 3pm GMT, a link in this email will take visitors to a Holding Page in which they will enter their Code – this will enter them into a Holding Pool from which they will be pulled at random to fill session slots, opening shortly after 5pm GMT (9am PST) – this will be when we shall see if all CCI and EPIC’s hard work will pull off.

To help with understanding the process, CCI have released an Instructional Video which it is recommended everybody who is wanting to take part in a Badge Sale this year should watch in advance…

Best of luck, everybody!

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